2012 Resolutions Revisited – How’d We Do?

Over the course of running our travel blog, we've always posted our New Year's resolutions and goals for the coming year. Well for 2013 we thought we'd do something a little different. This time we thought we'd look at how we did on last year's resolutions.  There's really no reason to make them if you don't stick with them right? so let's get started. Here is our post from one year ago, New Years Resolutions and Goals for 2012

So what were our goals for 2012?

Goal #1 Reconnect with One Another

In 2011 we were having trouble separating our work life from our private life. We had put work before marriage and didn't give our relationship the time it deserved. We weren't used to running a business together and the stress was taking it's toll on our marriage. At this time last year, we vowed to change that.


How'd we do?

We really succeeded on this one. We had a rocky start to the year with a lot of stress over balancing work and travel and we found ourselves bickering a lot over the little things. But because we were aware of our problems and because we talked openly and honestly with one another, we really started to connect. It feels like we just met and we're like a couple of newlyweds laughing and cuddling every second. We finally found the joy of traveling, working and being together. Our relationship is stronger than ever and we're having so much fun. We wrote about it a few times this year and it was Can Rome Bring the Romance Back? that started our quest to find relationship bliss.

Goal #2 Inspire

When we started this travel blog, it was to inspire others to live a more fulfilling life, to follow their dreams and to prove that anyone can have a great adventure. At the end of 2011 we felt that we had lost sight of that and vowed to get back to sharing our stories and inspiring others for 2012.

Speaking on Spanish Television

How did we do?

We're very happy with the direction our careers took this year. We spoke at many conferences with the goal of inspiring people to never give up and to have the confidence to pursue their passion. We wanted to share our doubts and fears on the blog and in our presentations to let people know that they can overcome anything and achieve success. We wrote many posts about passion, fears, success and failure and we hope that we helped to change a few lives along the way. I think that Find Your Passion Achieve Success really summed up how we were feeling last year.

Goal #3 Honesty

In 2011 we felt like we had stopped wearing our hearts on our sleeves and that we were a bit guarded in our writing but we vowed to change that.

dave and deb in Thailand

How did we do?

In 2012, we made a conscious choice to keep the honesty strong in our blog. At times I think we may have been a little too honest but for the most part, we were very happy with staying true to our course. We even talked about how we once struggled in our marriage but overcame that through travel. We showed our struggles and our true feelings about life, destinations and even travel gear. It's not easy remaining true and honest when you put your entire life out there on the Internet for thousands to read every day, but I think it is important as a blogger and person to be as honest as possible. Our very personal story was featured in Expedia's Find Yours Campaign

Goal #4 Balance

After a couple of years of traveling and working, we found it difficult to find balance between our work and our social life. We seemed to always be working and never enjoying the moment. This year, we made a very real effort to separate the two.

travel blogger dave in a hammock

Finding Time to Relax

How Did We Do?

It was touch and go a few times this year but I think we figured it out. We realized that we took a few too many group press trips and it was during those times that we lost all balance and sensibility. During the last quarter of 2012, we were back to traveling on our own and making time for one another, time to watch movies and even read books! We found the balance. We hired more people to help us out rather than trying to do everything ourselves. We let ourselves enjoy moments and didn't punish ourselves when things didn't get done. When we didn't get the list of tasks done, the sky didn't fall and our business survived. We learned that we can indeed take a break every once in a while without the world ending.

Goal #5 Get Back in Shape

Four years ago we were in the best shape of our lives but once we started travel blogging, we really let ourselves go. We let workouts fall to the side because we were glued to our computers and we spent more time being wined and dined than going on adventures. We had to change this.

How Did We Do?

We failed at this one I am afraid. Miserably. We truly let ourselves go even further this year. We have only just started taking control of our health again in the past two months. So, while we failed in 2012, we're on the right track for 2013. We've been working out, losing weight and have cut down drastically on our wine consumption. Spending all those months in Europe this summer was not the best for our health or our waistlines. But right now, we are feeling great and seeing the pudge slowly fade away.

It's almost impossible to avoid following through on your New Year's resolutions when you write them down for everyone to read. Even before we had the blog, we told people our resolutions. The biggest New Year's Resolution we ever made was to change our lives and go on an epic adventure. The following year, we were cycling down the continent of Africa and we've never looked back.

Are you making the choices to live a better life? While many people don't make resolutions because they feel they will set themselves up for failure, we always make goals and evaluate where we are in our lives. It doesn't have to be at New Years, but there is no time like the present. So if you're not living the life you want? Why not? For inspirations check out Dave's awesome post on How to Avoid the I'll Do That Next Year” Syndrome. 

Do you make New Years Resolutions and have you ever looked back to see how you did with keeping them? 

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