5 Great Wilderness Tours in Canada

Canada, known for its incredible landscapes, breathtaking mountain ranges and stunning scenery offers wonderful escapes deep in the wilderness for all those who appreciate the beauty and magnificence of the natural world. It is impossible not to come away from a holiday spent exploring this great nation feeling revitalised and refreshed. What is more, with many airlines offering budget deals on flights, anyone can enjoy the adventure of a lifetime without breaking the bank.

Here are 5 of the top wilderness tours Canada

1. White Water Rafting in the Ottawa River

ottawa river

Learning to kayak on the Ottawa River

Nestled deep in a valley east of the Rocky Mountains lies the infamous ; a site for kayaking, rafting and other water river activities. It is one of the world’s most exhilarating white water rafting sites. Be prepared to get very wet on the rafting trip as you take on the full force of nature in a small rubber dinghy. There are many different sites with varying levels of difficulty to account for all levels of experience and all ages, so no one need miss the boat on this intense journey.

2. Trekking through Tombstone Mountain Park

On foot is the only way to truly realise the wonders of the  of the Yukon. As you hike over the horizon of this amazing place you will feel like you have stepped back in time. Species of plants and animals that do not exist anywhere else on the planet roam around as if placed there on purpose to satisfy your camera lens. Craggy mountain peaks and rock formations meet deep sunken valleys in an array of splendid colours and shapes; the sky is clear blue and the air is fresh. It feels as if time stood still here and the majesty of the prehistoric world has been preserved for us to continue to enjoy forever.

3. Dog Sledding in Yukon


An image of a sledge dashing speedily through the snow, being pulled by a pack of beautiful Siberian Huskies epitomises Canada’s winter wonderland experience. This trip requires a lot of thick layers of clothing and a pair of thermal underpants as you experience driving through the subzero temperatures of Yukon on a cosy, blanket-lined dogsled.

4. Fishing in Kluane Lake

Just a few kilometers from Alaska are the lakes of and a number of prime fishing spots; prized amongst enthusiasts. The icy waters of the lakes are home to White Fish, Lake Trout and Northern Pike; to name but some of the trophy species hiding in the depths. Nothing could be more relaxing than waiting for a bite in an area of supreme natural beauty from the crack of a crisp dawn until the sun sets in a glorious display of gold and scarlet. It is the fishing trip to end all fishing trips and the experience can be enjoyed even by those who have never picked up a rod in their life.

5. Escape to a Mountain Lodge


Not for the faint hearted is a stay in a lodge surrounded by grizzly bears. Bella Coola Valley is populated by a whole host of incredible, wild creatures: grizzly bears, black bears, wolves, deer, cougar and mountain goats roam the ground and bald eagles soar in the sky above. The wildlife is beautiful but potentially dangerous, and it is most certainly safest to track the animals with a trusted and knowledgeable tour guide by your side.

Exploring this land lost in time should be on everyone’s bucket list no matter how adventurous you are, or aren’t. The iconic images of alpine trees and snow topped mountain peaks, icy rivers and ragged rocks just don’t have the same enchantment until seen and touched in real life. One flight, from one of many cheap airlines that are always advertising noawdays, can take you there in a matter of hours.

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