9 Not to be Missed Posts of 2012

With the year coming to an end, Dave and I thought it would be fun to share a round up of the posts that we like the best here on our little old travel blog. Some of the posts were very popular, some barely made a blip in the radar and some were simply quirky, fun or brought back a fond memory and put a smile on our face.

We already showed you our best photo round up and best adventures of the year.  So without further adieu, here are the articles that are close to our hearts from 2012.

Best Blog Posts

1.  A Leap of Faith in Antarctica

best blog posts dave

I've never had a desire to jump into cold water let alone the freezing Antarctic Peninsula but that is exactly what Dave and I did when on our Quark Expeditions tour to Antarctica and we have the video to prove it. Did we like it? Find out.

2. Bond Locations We've Been to

best blog posts india

With all the hype out there about the new James Bond, we jumped on the bandwagon and took our readers on a photographic journey through all the great Bond Locations we've traveled to as we shared favourite moments from the movies and the men of Bond.

3. A Tale of Two Davids

dave florence

We had so much fun running around Florence finding David and photographing my David in front of him. This is a fun comparison of Dave Bouskill vs. Michelangelo’s David. I voted for my Dave.

4. Get Off Your Smartphone and talk to me! 

best blog posts meme

Dave took the reigns on this post and wrote about his frustrations with people spending so much time on their smartphones. It is getting a little overwhelming when we go out with people on how much everyone is staring at their phones. People are losing the art of communicating in person and it must stop now!

5. Vegas Vs the World 

best blog posts venice

Vegas is a spectacle to visit to say the least. When we were there, we were surprised to find that it takes you on a journey around the world as you walk along the Vegas strip. What surprised us more was just how many locations we had actually been to.

las vegas

6. How Travel Saved our Marriage and Transformed our Lives

best blog posts couple

It had been 12 years since we took our first trip to Thailand and it was that initial 5 week tour that completely transformed our marriage that had started to get stuck in that dreaded rut and our lives which had become overwhelmed with work and worry.

7. 17 Signs You Travel A lot

deb sleeping

This is an observation post where we discuss the strange things that happen to people when they travel for a long time. Being on the road long term is a very different life indeed.

8. Empowering the People, One Brick at a Time

best blog posts kenya

It only went up this week, but it is one of our favourite posts because it raises awareness about some issues in Africa while giving the reader a glimpse into the day to day life of people in a small village in Kenya. We had such a wonderful day there, that we had to share it twice!

9 Montreux and It's Musical Legacy

best blog posts statue

We love music and we loved discovering the musical history of the Swiss town of Montreux. It's a place where Freddie Mercury spent his final days, where Smoke on the Water was written after a fire in the Montreux Casino and home to one of the largest music festivals in the world.

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