Adam’s Peak, A Pilgrimage for All Religions

If there was one thing that we wanted to do when we were in Sri Lanka it was to climb Adams Peak and join pilgrims on this sacred walk.  Believed to be the place where Adam first stepped foot on earth when he was cast down from heaven, Adams Peak attracts a large crowd each year.

Adams Peak, A Pilgrimage

Each religion believes it to be the footprint of their different deities.

  • Muslims and Christians  believe it is the footprint of Adam
  • Buddhist believe it is the place where Buddha took his last step from earth towards Nirvana.
  • The Hindus believe that Lord Shiva stepped here.

We just think it is wonderful that all religions can come together harmoniously during the pilgrimage season of December to May to pay tribute to the mountain. It is a festive and lighthearted time, but believe me, the climb is difficult.

Legend has it that Sri Lanka was the original garden of Eden. I can believe it, we enjoyed our time in the country more than anywhere we have been on earth.  If I were to be a believer, I could believe in this.

With 5200 steps reaching 2243 metres into the sky, Adam's Peak will make your heart pump and your body sweat.  Be sure to bring warm clothes with you as you wait for sunrise though. It can be quite cold at the stupa at the top of the mountain.

To read more about our climb up Adam's Peak check out our post Adam's Peak Pilgrimage

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