Top Adventure Destinations In the World – Part 1

Last week on CTV News Channel we talked about our top destinations in the world for adventure. It was such a fun segment that it made us think we should share our top picks with our readers too! We love chatting to Canada weekly, it not only hopefully inspires our fellow Canadians to get out and try something new, it remuns us just how lucky we are to able to do what we love for a living. When we re-visit some of the adventures we have had these past couple of years we are amazed at the opportunities we have had by taking a chance and going for our dreams.  

While all countries offer adventure of some kind, there are a few that we have been to that seem to cater to the true adventurous spirit. We came up with a list of our top 10 favourites and here is part one of our two part series featuring the best countries for adventure in the world! 

Have you got a favourite adventure destination? Share it with us!

1. New Zealand

It isn't called the adventure capital of the world for nothing! 
 skydive new zealand abel tasman
New Zealand is the land of adventure and we took part in pretty much every adventure that we could dream of trying during our time with the Flying Kiwi. From white water rafting class 5 rapids in freezing glacial waters, to magnificent glacier walks and ice climbing on Fox Glacier. We played high in the sky flying our own stunt plane with UFly Extreme and jumped from a plane from 16,500 feet in Able Tasman for a 90 second free fall!
We bungy jumped and paraglided and swam with dolphins and sand boarded. If that wasn't enough, we trekked on an active volcano on one of the most amazing 1 day treks in the world, The Tongariro Crossing.

2. Zambia

Staying with the them of Adventure Capital… Zambia is considered the Adventure Capital of Africa.

Spending time at Victoria Falls will satisfy the adventure bug in any traveler. Try white water rafting in the sky as a helicopter whisks you through the deep maze of gorges and giving you a birds eye view of the largest water fall in the world. If you want the real deal, The Zambezi River offers some of the most exciting rapids on earth! Or if heights are your thing…Bungy jump on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe on the bridge spanning the Zambezi River below.  You can take an ultralight flight over the Smoke That Thunders and you can play on ziplines over the Victoria Falls gorge.

There's abseiling to down the sheer rock faces and you can get down faster by trying your hand at the gorge swing. Once you drop 50 metres in a matter of seconds, you will be whipped across the Victoria Falls gorge at 95 miles and hour for the ultimate thrill ride.  There's more relaxed adventures as well, take a day trip to Chobe National Park for some of the best game viewing in Africa or go for a wine and cheese wildlife viewing trip on a mellow white water raft. Hiking along Victoria Falls is a thrill unto itself and if you are very brave try Sitting in Devil's Pool at the top of Victoria Falls during the dry season.

3. Fiji

We went out to the adventure capital of Fiji on the Pacific Coast where we took part in some wild activities.

Home to the eco challenge in 2003, we knew that this South Pacific Island wouldn't disappoint. It has everything an adventure lover could want from high speed Jet boating on the Sigatoka river to riding the longest Zip Line in the world over a magnificent jungle canopy.
There's jungle trekking and exploring caves with actual descendants of Head Hunters as your guides. World Class diving sites, beautiful White Water rafting on the Upper Navua River and island hopping on sail boats to explore it's 300 islands. Oh yeah, this island paradise is a place you'll never want to leave.

4. Nepal

One would think that the only thing to do in Nepal is trek in the Himalayas.

While that is the biggest attraction with treks to Mount Everest Base Camp and on the Annapurna Circuit to name two of the most famous, there is so much more! Even the travel through the country is exciting. The flight to Lukla is considered one of the scariest in the world.

Check out this video of one adventurous ride in the sky!

Not only do the extreme climbers summit the highest peaks on earth, there are a lot of thrills to be had for the every man. Head out to Pokhara and try Paragliding over the valley below. There is awesome mountain biking and cycling trips are gaining speed all over the country.

Paragliding over Pokhara Nepal

Did you know that you can go on safari in Nepal as well? The Chitwan National Park offers excellent opportunities to spot Rhinos and its considered one of the best tiger habitats in the world. There is White Water Rafting and kayaking as well that we didn't get to try unfortunately because it was the dry season when we were there, but rest assured we'll be back.

5. Peru

And you thought the only thing to do in Peru was go to Machu Picchu!
That couldn't be farther from the truth. While the ruins are spectacular, Peru offers some of the most exciting adventure travel in the world. It starts with a trek on the Inca Trail and sacred valley, but it continues with Paragliding over Mira Flores in Lima and the cities coast line. There is surfing off the coast and the dry lands answer to surfing, Sand boarding in Huaccachina.
While your out at some of the largest sand dunes on earth, you can't pass up the opportunity to go on a wild dune buggy adventure. Head south to take a flight over the Nazca Lines, the unexplainable ancient writings in the desert and hop on a boat trip to Isla Ballestas to view sea lions and penguins at the Poor Man's Galapagos. Are Jungles your thing? The Amazon Basin comprises 60% of the country where you can take part in all the jungle activities that you can dream of.

Check out our video of highlights from our time in Peru, there is so much to do!

Stay tuned for part two of our most exciting adventure destinations in the world. What, did you think there were only 5?

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