Adventure Park in La Molina, Not Just for Kids

We've always wanted to try a high ropes course. So when bad weather kept us from flying in a hot air balloon in Spain, our frowns turned upside down when we visited the adventure park in La Molina.. The guys at Altitudextrem, were kind enough to fit us into their busy schedule at the last minute and soon our frustrations of being stuck on land faded away.

clipping in at the advneture park

Dave practices using his safety clips

On to the Adventure Park!

Within minutes of arriving we were suited up with helmets and harnesses attached to two automatic safety hooks that won't unlock until one of them is safely attached to cable and on the route practicing our clipping and climbing. It's a safe and secure environment to get over your fear of heights, enjoy some time in the sky and play like a kid on a jungle gym for a couple of hours in the forest.

travel blog writer Dave Bouskill at adventure park in Spain

Dave in the Adventure Park

Alex of joined us along with Albert of The Costa Brava tourism board where we climbed up to the platform to begin the course.

adventure travel, high ropes in spain

Dave and Albert in the Rope Park

The course started off with a green route that was easy and gave us the chance to practice clipping and unclipping and getting the feel of walking along wires above the ground.

safety clips on the high rope adventure park

Cipped in and Ready to Go through the Rope Bridge

As the course went on, the route became higher and more difficult.

adventure travel spain

Obstacles on getting more interesting

With obstacles such as hanging logs and mesh tunnels, we crawled and stretched our way through the adventure Park.

adventure travel in Spainadvneture travel, rope park in spainadventure travel in spain

Our flexibility was tested, our balance was questioned and our bravery was challenged when we were expected to step off a high tree and ride a skate board or narrow ski from one treetop to another.

adventure travel in Spainadventure travel blogger deb on high ropestravel writer deb on high ropes

We laughed and cheered each other on as each person wove their way through the obstacle course in the air.

adventure travel ropes in spain

Testing Agility on the Course

Each level ended with a speedy zip line which ended with us landing in a mesh web to break our fall.

zip line spainAs we went higher and faster, I wanted to do more. I could have played in this adventure park all day long! You'll get in touch with your inner child and forget about all the fears and doubts that have developed over the years.

adventure travel blogger Dave in adventure park

Landing after the Zip Line

By the time we made it through a couple of courses, we were ready for the final challenge. Spain's longest zip line. We had to climb up a ladder on a high narrow pole to leap off of this zip line and it was a thrill unto itself to merely climb the pole.

adventure travel in spain

When we reached the top, our guide checked our clips and sent us rushing on our way. It was fast, it was high and it was a ton of fun. If you ever get the chance to visit an adventure park, do it! You'll have a blast and you'll laugh and laugh. Plus, maybe, just maybe you may scream like a little girl as you jump off a few platforms in the process.

Adventure park la molina

High Flying in Spain

For more information on the Adventure Park in La Molina visit La Molina is home to the first ski lift in Spain opening in 1943 and is still open for business as an all year round resort area. It's still going strong as a ski mecca hosting the Alpine World Cup in 2008 and the 2011 Snowboarding World Championships.

We were invited to explore the Pyrenees region of Spain with the Costa Brava tourism board. For more things to do in the Pyrenees and the Northern Spanish Coast at the Costa Brava website

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