Earning Rewards at the End of the World

They’ve been the number one charge card for travel since 1958.

It makes sense to us. After all, the owners of Wells Fargo Bank and the Pony Express, started American Express and they have never looked back. AMEX has been exploring the new frontier since the rough and tumbling days of the Wild West.

It is no surprise then that our American Express Gold Rewards Card was accepted everywhere at the end of the world.

Fin Del Mundo – The End of the World is the nickname for Ushuaia, Argentina. Known as the southernmost city in the world it is also the jumping off point for cruising to the continent of Antarctica.

AMEX Rewards

amex rewards ushuaia

We’ve been using the American Express Gold Rewards Card for nearly a year now and we have found it to be an amazing tool for our travels.

Using our card for everyday purchases such as gas, groceries and at the pharmacy, we receive two Membership Rewards points for every dollar spent. Every time we get our statement we are surprised with how many points we have accumulated. We use it for everything and the rewards have been paying off.

When we first signed up for the card, we thought that we would use our rewards to transfer 1:1 to Aeroplan, but we have ended up using them through TripFlex instead.

When we make a travel purchase such as a night at a hotel or the purchase of a train ticket, we simply call up American Express and have them use our Membership Rewards points to pay off our travel spend. They cover all our travel costs including the taxes!

Signing Up

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When you sign up for a Gold Rewards Card you automatically receive 15,000 bonus points once you spend $500 within the first three months of receiving your card. Plus American Express is waiving the $150 fee for the first year giving you the chance to test drive the card for yourself to see if it works for you.


amex rewards card
Travel Insurance

“For short trips Travel Insurance can be an added cost. However we have been thrilled to use our American Express Card for Travel Insurance.  We have not had to buy additional insurance for our short trips to Jamaica, Mexico, Seattle, and Cairo.

For Antarctica we were away for 17 days. American Express gives card holders Emergency Medical coverage (out of province/home) for the first 15 consecutive days of travel regardless of whether they paid for their trip through American Express or not. Plus your card covers your spouse and children too!

We saved hundreds of dollars on travel insurance by having the American Express Gold Rewards Card. For Antarctica, all we had to do was give AMEX Canada a call and top up our two days of overstay for two people. It cost us $56 for two people to have medical insurance for 17 days of travel.


amex rewards deb

Quark Expeditions and Expedia.com covered our accommodations while we were in Ushuaia, but when we did have extra expenses such as transportation and hotel fees, we made sure to pay with our American Express Gold Rewards Card. When we returned home, we gave AMEX a call and had our costs covered using points.

On the Ship

Yes, American Express is accepted in Antarctica. Our ship, the Sea Spirit gladly accepted American Express and we put all our onboard expenses on our Gold Rewards Card.

What we love about American Express is that they give you way more for your rewards than other cards. We have another card that we never use because it takes twice the rewards to pay for $100 worth of travel spend.  We get double the bang for our buck and can stretch our rewards farther with American Express.

What Now?

We have used up all our remaining Membership Rewards points, but we made it through the holidays redeeming points for several overnight stays in Toronto travel expenses in Cairo and of course Argentina. It’s the time of the year where we rely on points the most as the holidays and New Year seem to be when our wallets are at their slimmest.

Now, we are happy to re-build our points all year long to have that little next egg next holiday season to enjoy our time with family and friends.

The best news is, our points never expire, so if we don’t need to use them next holiday season because some miracle has happened like we’ve won the lottery, we can save them for a rainy day in the future.

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We will continue to bring you updates about the benefits of using American Express in the coming months as we continue to work with American Express Canada spreading the word about this awesome rewards card. We have enjoyed giving you, our readers these valuable tips and if we didn’t believe in American Express, we wouldn’t be writing about it. Like everything on Marketingkonferenz, we never endorse a product unless we are 100% behind it.

Apply for your card today!

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