Greenland Revisited: The Incredible Arctic

After visiting the Arctic in Greenland last winter, we knew that we wanted to see more. Think you don't know anything about the Arctic? We're here to help.

arctic cruise greenland path

A beautiful path in Greenland

We were excited to share our experience with their readers and thought it was about time we shared it with you. The arctic cruise season is gearing up and there is no better time to start planning than now.

Arctic Cruise, a Day in the Life with Quark

Quark Expeditions has 15 different cruises in the Arctic and I love their interactive map on their contest page. It's filled with cool information about exploration, the countries within the Arctic Circle and the wildlife that makes the far north home.

I learned a new fact while browsing it. For example….Did you know that Greenland has more Elvis Impersonators per capita than anywhere else in the world?


arctic cruise greenland icebergs

The icebergs are stunning

Dave and I were completely taken by surprise with Greenland. We didn't expect its beauty to rival Antarctica and yet at times it surpassed it. The ice was unlike anything we've ever seen. I don't know why we were surprised though, Greenland is home to the most active calving glacier on earth moving at a rate of 30 metres a day! Giant chunks of ice break off this glacier creating massive icebergs that towered over our ship.

arctic cruise greenland Itteliq

Colorful houses in the town

Greenland's beauty was unmistakable but what we also loved was the culture of the country. You don't simply spend your time starting at ice and frozen tundra, you have the chance to visit local communities that are completely isolated from the rest of the world. The only way in is by ship or plane.

The people here live their lives the way they have for decades. They hunt with their team of dogs and kayak out to the sea to fishe people here live their lives the way they have for decades. They hunt with their team of dogs and kayak out to the sea to fish. In the arctic you have the chance to witness polar bears and rare whales like the narwhal, there's muskox and seals and even the Northern Lights.

Northern Lights in Greenland 

arctic cruise greenland northern lights

We found the Northern Lights!


Pretty exciting isn't it? There isn't a dull moment on an Arctic cruise. You will never be checking your watch wondering when the cruise will be over, you will never hear the words “I'm bored” uttered and you will never be so mesmerized by wild landscape and untouched beauty as you will be in the Arctic. So what are you waiting for? Check out Greenland today.

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