The Best Skylines in the World – Our Favourite Cities in Photos

Dave and I have seen a lot of what many would consider the best skylines in the world when visiting the most beautiful cities on earth.

City Skylines are one of Dave's favourite things to photograph so we have quite the collection of city pictures to choose from.

 The World's Best Skylines in Photos

best skylines

Best City Skylines

We've actually been to all the places listed in this post. We don't have to use Getty images like the other posts we've seen around the web, and we won't make you scroll through a slide show filled with ads to keep you on our page longer.  We just want to share the beauty of the world with you. We have actually visited, studied and seen these cities and these are what we think are the best skylines in the world. What do you think?

We can attest that they are indeed the most eye catching, unique, and interesting city skylines we've seen during our travels to more than 100 countries over the past 16 years. Enjoy!

The Best City Skylines That Dave and Deb have been to

While writing about Hong Kong last week, we realized that we've seen pretty much every city that appears on the best city skyline posts all around the Internet.

These city skylines difficult to choose in order  but we tried. And I am sure most people will disagree with our choices. Perhaps it comes down to our memories in the cities. We know they all have beautiful skyline views, but we also had a great time in them all!

#1 Hong Kong, China

best skylines in the world hong kong

Hong Kong is our favourite city skyline

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best city skylines in the world hong kong

Another view of the Hong Kong Skyline

Hong Kong is definitely our favourite skyline on earth. It's just so massive. There are skyscrapers everywhere. No matter which way you look at it, Hong Kong as beautiful.

And they know it! Each night Hong Kong puts on a light display to show off it's stunning skyline, letting everyone celebrate the beauty of Asia's World City.

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#2 Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai is filled with skyscrapers. Soon, no city will be able to keep up to Dubai with the sheer amount of tall buildings.

city skylines dubai

Dubai Skyline

The thing about Duba is that its skyline is very spread out. There are several different pockets, and yet each is just as impressive.

We couldn't just show one portion of Dubai's skyline, we had to show three.

cities skylines dubai

The Burj in Dubai

There's downtown in the business district, there's the Dubai Marina and the Beach. Each part of Dubai's skyline is different from the next and equally as eye catching.

best skylines dubai

It's hard to choose a favourite spot!

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#3 Shanghai, China

Shanghai is an out of the world skyline. The city was built to simply look impressive!

best city skylines shanghair

shanghai skyline is one of the best in the world

We couldn't believe our eyes when we heard that Shangai was just a simple village in the 1990s. Since that time they have built the city up to have one of the most eye catching skylines on earth.

Sometimes I don't know which one I like better. Hong Kong or Shanghai. Shanghai is just so unique and beautifully designed.

#4 New York City, USA

Oh how we love New York City. It is the most energized city on the planet and yes, it has one of the best skylines in the world.

best skylines new york city

Many people would say, it's the best! We can't get enough of New York and there are so many great vantage points to take in the New York Skyline. From DUMBO under the Brooklyn Bridge, from the Top of the Rock or the Empire State Building.

skylines in the world manhattan

Or even from this vantage point below in Queens. New York is a hell of a town no matter where you look at it.

#5 Brisbane, Australia

We finally had the chance to explore more of Australia this year. We'd been to the “Land Down Under” a couple of times, but we really didn't explore the cities of Oz.

best skylines brisbane

Our favourite city skyline in Australia is Brisbane

Australia has done a beautiful job designing their main city skylines. We loved photographing Brisbane which has it's own bridge similar to the Sydney Harbour Bridge. But Brisbane's came first!

Enjoy this opening Time Lapse of Brisbane complete with everything there is to do in the city

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Beautiful Skyline View:

#6 Paris, France

We love Paris. It is the city of Love and there is no better city for romance than Paris. Looking at it from above lets you really see just how big this city is.

best skyline view paris

Paris is the best it's skyline view

What I love about Paris is how there are no skyscrapers in sight. It's an historically beautiful city centred around the Eiffel Tower, and that's just the way we like it.

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#7 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

We had heard amazing things about Rio, but it wasn't until we saw the city for ourselves that we realized how special it is.

best city skylines rio

Rio has an amazing skyline view

Host of the 2016 Summer Olympics, soon the world will see the beauty of Rio. What makes Rio's skyline so magnificent is the surrounding mountains framing the sky rises and endless beaches.

skylines in the world rio de janiero

more of Rio's beautiful city skyline

Christ the Redeemer looks over and can be seen from every vantage point of the city.

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#8 Florence, Italy

You may not expect Florence, Italy to make the list since it doesn't have any skyscrapers.

skyline view of Florence

The skyline view of Florence from Piazzale Michaelangelo

But it is the Duomo and historic buildings that make it stand out among some of the best city skylines on earth. Viewing Florence from the Piazzale Michaelangelo is the best way to truly take in the city.

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#9 Toronto, Canada

How can our home town not make the list? We were proud to see that Toronto has been a part of so many “world's best skyline” lists. It is a great city.

skyline view of Toronto

Our Home Town: Toronto Skyline View

I must admit, we haven't taken enough photos of our own town. We're going to have to fix that this summer to really show it off properly.

Check out this really old video of our scenic flight over Toronto. It shows off the city skyline nicely!

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#10 Panama

Who knew Panama had such a magnificent skyline. We didn't expect it to be so modern and filled with skyscrapers. It completely reminded us of Dubai.


Panama City, Panama

It is definitely poised to be the best city in all of Central America.


With skyscrapers, a fantastic waterfront walk, luxury hotels and the Panama Canal close by. This was one of our favourite city views.

#11 Istanbul, Turkey

Who would have thought Istanbul would be so beautiful. Not us.

istanbul city skylines

Did you Expect Istanbul to have one of the Best City Skylines

We knew it would be historic. We had seen photos of the Blue Mosque and assumed it would be an amazing cultural experience. But we were surprised with how modern and progressive the city is.

City Skylines Middle East

The Galata Tower offers an amazing city view of Istanbul

With the Istanbul Bridge spanning the Bosphorus linking Europe and Asia together. Istanbul is a mix of old and new and seeing the skyline from  the Galata Tower is a must.

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#12 Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is one of our favourite cities in Europe. Walking on the river really lets you see the beauty of the Budapest Skyline.

City Skylines Budapest

We love the Budapest skyline view from the river

The Budapest Chain Bridge connects the cities of Buda and Pest connecting them across the Danube River.

City Skylines Budapest

Buda and Pest Skylines

Each city is as different as its skyline but it works together creating a beautiful destinations for travellers to explore.

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#13 Sydney, Australia

Sydney has probably one of the most recognizable skylines.

best city skylines Sydney

Sydney has one of the world's most recognizable city skylines

With the Sydney Opera house standing proud over Sydney Harbour, they have truly set the standard of creating a beautiful skyline.

#14 Cape Town, South Africa

During our first visit to South Africa, Dave and I spent four days in Cape Town before the sun came out. We had heard that Cape Town was beautiful, but we didn't believe it.

best skylines in the world cape town

Table Mountain Contributes to Cape Town's Beautiful Skyline

Until one day we were taking a stroll at the V&A waterfront and the skies opened up. Seeing Table Mountain for the first time took our breath away. What makes Cape Town so extraordinary is the backdrop of Table Mountain.

best skylines in the world cape town

another view of Cape Town

The city is picturesque located on the waterfront with colonial architecture mixed with modern designs. But really, nowhere else on earth can compete with the beauty of Mother Nature.

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#15 Astana, Kazakhstan

Where the heck is Astana you ask? While driving through Kazakhstan during the Mongol Rally, we took a detour to the country's capital city. It is quite the contrast between the desert landscape and massive spans of land with nothing but dirt and mountains.

best skylines astana

Astana's surprising city skyline

When we drove up to the city, we were mesmerized by the massive, modern urban centre plopped in the middle of nowhere. This will be a world city in a few years.

best skylines in the world Astana

Another View of Astana's Skyline

You can tell that the government is designing it with the goal of making it one of the best city skylines on earth. It already won us over.

With indoor malls complete with amusement park and skating rink, Astana has luxury and beauty making it a world city.

#16 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The last time we were in Kuala Lumpur was 2003. We didn't even own a digital camera so you will have to forgive me for taking this scan of an early print.

best city skyline in the world

An early selfie taken in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur had an impressive skyline when we visited and it has only been getting better and better. The Petronas Towers are definitely the centre piece of the Kuala Lumpur skyline, but the KL Tower is actually taller!

It's a perfect spot to go to get a view of the Petronas Towers. Whichever tower you choose to look at the KL Skyline, just make sure you get yourself high in the sky.

#17 Singapore

We bought our first digital camera on the same trip we took in 2003 when we visited Kuala Lumpur. Our next stop after KL was Singapore and we bought a Canon 5D camera

travel singapore like a local

This was one of Dave's first photos he ever took with a digital camera and he did a great job capturing the Singapore skyline.

Singapore Skyline

Singapore is a beautiful city and it's only growing and becoming more modern.

#18 Chicago, Illinois

While going through images on our website, we saw this fantastic shot of Chicago by Lisa Luban of LLWorld Tour. She shared a great post about the top eats in Chicago, so to leave you, we thought we'd share this city skyline shot of Chicago.

best skylines Chicago

chicago skyline

A city we've merely driven through and didn't stop to really take a look. We must fix that soon!

So what have we missed? We saw it on many lists, so I look forward to seeing it for myself.

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