Black Friday to Cyber Monday Deals for Bloggers

We don't normally do Black Friday posts.

We figure most people are getting enough information in their inbox at this time of year and are overwhelmed with shopping advice.

But we have had so many amazing deals come through to help aspiring bloggers that there was no way we could let Black Friday go by without sharing these deals. 

If you have read our How to Become a Travel Blogger post, How to Make Money Traveling or our photography reviews, you'll know that we have personally tested and used the courses and tools below.

If you want to up your game and make 2018 your year of the Digital Nomad, take advantage of these deals below. 

Happy Shopping!

All Inclusive Blogging Courses

Travel Blog Success


Probably one of the most successful courses for beginner bloggers out there. The course itself is well structured and full of practical information.

Plus you get lifetime access to the forums and FB Group which is where you get the most value in my opinion. They also have sessions from the experts on Affiliate Marketing, Photography, Video, SEO etc.

This is the first time in a long time that they have offered this big of a discount so I would GRAB THIS DEAL NOW!

Superstar Blogging by Nomadic Matt


Run by one of the most popular travel bloggers our there, Nomadic Matt, this course is structured a little differently in that you can purchase each "module" separately if you want.

For example if you feel you have a great grasp on photography but want to up your writing chops you can choose what fits best for you.

He offers 4 different modules: , , and . All of them are well structured courses but I feel the one that is most beneficial is the Business of Travel Blogging. They all offer support, a Facebook Group and Case Studies.


Learning Photography

Photographing the World Part 1 and 2

This course really helped me up my photography game. It is more of an intermediate course so you have to have some working knowledge of Lightroom and Photoshop to really get the most out of it.

The lessons get more in-depth as the course goes on but you can really learn a lot here. Also, the production value and the ease of teaching really shines here.

You can read my full review here.

Hats off to the guys at F-Stoppers and Elia for putting together such a comprehensive course for photographers.

For Black Friday they are offering $50 off of all their bundle's courses. A sweet deal as these doesn't go on sale very often. GET YOUR $50 OFF HERE and use FSTOPPERBF at checkout.


If you are looking to learn photography, Lightroom or Photoshop from the ground up then CreativeLive is a great place to start.

What I love about this platform is the Live Classes and they are FREE! It is free to sign up for an account and you can tune into live classes to see if the teachings are what you are looking for.

Then, if you like them, you can download and own them for a fee. Genius if you ask me.

They also cover a wide range of topics, not just photography and have some awesome instructors.

CreativeLive Black Friday Deal is 50% Off all of their classes! GET YOUR 50% OFF HERE.

Website Function and Design


If you are thinking about starting a travel blog and are looking for a great hosting deal then look no further. is offering their cheapest rate ever!

We used Bluehost when we startd to blog and it is perfect for beginners as it is cost effective and easy to set up.

They also have a great support team. If you want to learn more about how to start your own travel blog then make sure to check out our post How to Start a Travel Blog. The savings and deals are available there as well.

For Black Friday they are offering

So many people ask us where we host our photos. Well, the answer is. Not only does it allow you to set up a gallery that you can seamlessly integrate into your blog, but it is a great storage solution and it takes the load off of your server helping you increase the speed of your site.

If you are into selling some of your photography you can opt for the pro plan which offers a range of extras on top of the amazing things you already get with the basic plan.

SmugMug is offering 40% Off all their plans during Black Friday week for new customers. So

One of the things that bloggers are always looking for is a great theme. I know when we started that was priority number one. It has to look good but be user-friendly and mobile friendly but not cost an arm and a leg. Well ,ThemeForest is a great place to start. They have a ton of themes to choose from that start at only $2 and they also feature monthly FREE themes!.

You can also become a part of the which offers everything from great Plugins to Web design help and tutorials.

For Black Friday and Cyber Monday they are offering

If you are looking for another alternative to great WordPress themes then check out Studiopress.

We also used one of their themes for our blog and it was the first one I paid for. Let me tell you it didn't disappoint. The only reason we went to a custom theme like the one we have now is that we wanted even more control over design elements.

I would say these themes are for the blogger who wants to up their game and is willing to pay a little cash for it.

For Black Friday and Cyber Monday, they are offering

Staying Connected

We have used OUR KnowRoaming Global Sim for well over a year now and love it.

It is perfect for any blogger who wants to make sure they stay connected all the time. It is a sticker that goes on youR existing SIM card and activated automatically when you arrive at a destination that is not your home.

They offer unlimited packages for $7.99 a day in a ton of countries as well. It is all controlled through an app on your phone.

The beauty of this for bloggers is that even if you want to get a local SIM card for extended travel you could keep this on and then you can have data and SMS capabilities as soon as you land.

I know it has saved us a ton of hassle whenever we get to a destination.

You can read all about it here.

For Black Friday and Cyber Monday, they are offering

Well that should do it. Some of the best deals for bloggers out there for this special weekend. We hope everyone takes advantage of these amazing discounts and they can help you bring your blogging to the next level for 2018.

To learn more about travel blogging and how to start a travel blog on Marketingkonferenz, visit

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