Bounce Below – The Ultimate Underground Trampoline for the Kid in You!

Have you ever wanted to get back to your childhood roots of jumping around, crawling on the ground, and falling down without a care in the world? There's a place in Wales that lets you do exactly that! Bounce Below is what we like to think of as the ultimate jungle gym for adults. 

bounce below wales underground trampoline

The World's Largest underground trampoline – Bounce Below

Bounce Below is a series of trampolines, nets, ladders and slides inside a giant underground cave. This isn't an ordinary cave, it's twice the size of St. Paul's Cathedral.

Bounce Below in Wales

We arrived on a rainy day to Bounce Below located at the Llechwedd Slate caverns in Blaenau Ffestiniog. (If you can pronounce any of that, you are a better persona than I!)

bounce below dave and deb

Deb and Deb are ready to bounce below

It was a good day to be underground as the wind was whipping through the valley and the rain was pouring down. We were grateful to be heading indoors. err, underground.

What is Bounce Below?

The cave is the result of an old mining quarry, and when you walk through you can see the remnants of a bygone era. The Llechwedd caverns even offer tours of its slate mining history.

We met our fellow jumpers in the holding area where we sat on wooden benches waiting for our time to be called.

underground cave in wales

A long cave leads to adventures

We had an hour to jump around inside and something told me, one hour would be more than enough. The group before us came out with big smiles and lots of sweat running down their faces.

All jewellery needs to be taken off and anything loose needs to be left behind. We brought our GoPro and small snappy camera with us. We did regret not bringing our larger camera because this place is so photogenic, it would have been awesome to photograph. However, we never would have had as much fun either.

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We made sure nothing was fastened to our appendages. I had visions of a Jimmy Fallon type fall in the cave ripping off my ring finger, so Dave and I both opted out of wearing our wedding bands into the playground.

We entered the chamber lit up with psychedelic lights and we were set loose to explore the many different caverns, passageways, and colourful trampolines. I felt like I was in a live game of Tron.

The Bounce Below Experience

These nets were bouncy to say the least. We couldn't get our rhythm and ended up falling down and giggling like school girls. (Yep, Dave giggled like a school girl)

snowdonia adventures

Once we got our footing, we started to have some fun catching air at an already jaw dropping height of 180 feet.

The nets are all hung over the cavern dangling in mid air. There's one spot where you really get a feel for how high you are when you go out to a dark chamber in a back corner and bounce above what feels like a never ending drop into darkness.

trampoline system

Deb scopes out our route

As other people joined in on the fun on the tight trampoline, we were propelled from one side of the net to the other.

Multilevels on the Course

It was then time to start our climb. We wanted more height. We found a tunnel with a wooden ladder and climbed higher and higher until we reached the top of the obstacle course.

There were small slides and pockets to play, but it was the huge chute that got my heart racing.

underground trampolines in wales

There is more than one trampline

I had to be coaxed into dropping into the abyss. Dave as usual was gung-ho for any adventure and dropped in first so that he could give me words of encouragement from the bottom.

“You can do it Deb, no problem!”

I took a deep breath, covered my nose and mouth (something we were advised to do) shut my eyes and fell into darkness. Before I knew it, I was at the bottom laughing and rolling like a 6 year old.

“That was fun, lets do it again!”

We made our way through more tunnels and found a winding trail back up to the entrance.

The Confidence Grows

Feeling more confident the second time around, we explored more chambers and found more chutes.

bounce below deb

Deb bouncing below, literally

We compared each chute with the last saying things like “Oh, the last one was so much faster” “This one gets a little skinny at the end, we gotta lose some weight” I want to try that one over there, how do we get there?”

A Playground for Adults

We ran around huffing and puffing for the entire hour. We commented on how out of shape we were and how we need our own bounce below in Canada. If I had one nearby, I'd get a seasons pass to jump and fly into the air. It's a great workout! I think Bounce Below may just be future of adult workouts in place of a boring gym!

An hour was just enough!

Before we knew it, the hour was up and like the group before us, we came out of the caves with big smiles and running sweat.

We handed in our helmets, dried off our faces and emerged from the depths to sunshine and happiness. Like our mood, the day had turned bright and sunny.

For details visit Bounce Below for pricing, location and information.

Our trip to Wales is brought to you buy Visit Britain and Visit Wales. Check out their websites for more great Wales and UK adventures!

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