Christina Noble Foundation: Making A Difference in Mongolia

The Mongol Rally was a great adventure driving a third of the way around the world and we had an amazing time. But something that made it even more fulfilling was the fact that we were helping out a great cause.

For Charity

is a project in Ulaanbaatar that helps homeless and abandoned children maximize their potential. We had the opportunity to visit the Blue Skies Ger Village upon the completion of the Mongol Rally to see how the donations will be put to use.

As soon as we entered the village, we witnessed an nurturing environment where children can feel safe and enjoy a healthy and happy childhood.

This ger was filled with modern computers and desks for kids to work and play on. I sat down to help a group find the hidden object in a scene. It's an excellent way to learn English. They were learning such English words as squirrel, alarm clock, compass and many more as they searched for each piece on the screen all while learning to navigate their way around a computer.

Exterior of One of the Gers at Christina Noble

We then moved on to the other gers to check out the music room where we had a look at their traditional instruments such as Mongolia's national instrument, the Horse Head Fiddle. There also separate gers used as a medical centre, dining room and kitchen and classrooms.

Interior of Ger

The Ulaanbaatar project houses 60 Students. 

There are 10 Gers to live in with 5 to 6 children in each Ger. Every Ger has a “Ger Mother” who takes care of her individual children.

It is a positive environment. Children have a sense of family here and they laugh and play like any other healthy well adjusted child.

We found ourselves at the Blue Skies Village on a beautiful day and everyone came out to play basketball and volleyball on the state of the art courts. There are playgrounds for the younger kids complete with swingsets and jungle gyms.

They even have a greenhouse where they can grow their own produce.

It was uplifting to see where the money raised from the Mongol Rally goes. It is one thing to raise money for a project and to be disconnected from the people you are helping but it is quite another to meet the children that your efforts go directly to helping out.

Team Social Media Syndicate raised $4898.62 to go to the Christina Noble Foundation.

We couldn't have done it without all of our readers. Thanks to Sherry Ott of for her amazing efforts and for having the burden of collecting the money through her paypal charity account. Thanks to both Ottsworld, Mid Life Road Trip and Marketingkonferenz readers for helping us contribute nearly $5000 for a great cause.

If You'd like to donate to the , click the link below to make a difference in a child's life.

are making a difference in people's lives and to date they have raised £2.75 million through their various adventures and over the years. Something to be proud of and we are happy to be a small part of that.

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