Our Life in a Nutshell

Our life is strange. Lately we've been reflecting on where we've been and where we're going. We've been without a home for three years now and we don't see that changing any time soon. Since changing careers to become full time travel bloggers, we've travelled to over 70 countries on 7 continents and we've been living a life that we only dreamed about 5 years ago.

It amazes me to think that we followed through on our dreams, took a chance and successfully transitioned from career professionals to world travellers.

Travel Blogger Dave in our storage locker

Our empty Storage Locker

Earlier this summer, we cleared out our storage locker that had been sucking money out of our pockets for the past three years. We sent everything to auction, sold the rest in a garage sale and donated the leftover items. Now we have very few possessions. We have our old Chevy Cavalier that we store at my brothers to get us around while we're in Canada and we have a stack of boxes in a storage room of my parents house.

storage for travel bloggers theplanetd

The Last of our Things

We have no idea where we want to live, and because we are constantly moving, we don't have need for a place of our own. However, we are in this odd state in our life. We feel that we should get ourselves a place because everyone keeps asking us what we're going to do in the future and honestly, we aren't sure what we are gong to do in the future. We can't see ourselves traveling forever, but we can't see ourselves slowing down any time soon either. So at the moment, we are stuck between two worlds.

As long as we have each other, our computers, our cameras and our backpacks, we feel content. But that doesn't mean our life is normal. It's actually very hectic, frantic, strange and exciting.

dave and deb in Spain

Enjoying the Moment at a Villa in Spain

Our life as Travel Bloggers in a nutshell

As I said above, our life is strange. We spend most of our time traveling. When we're not traveling, we're writing about our travels, planning our next set of travels and editing videos and photos from our previous travels. Our life is literally consumed by travel.

What is our day to day life like? Well here it goes.

Pre Travel

A couple of weeks before going to each destination, we spend a lot of time at our computers. We liaise with sponsors to discuss itineraries and ideas. We plan our excursions, discuss our promotional strategies and work on budgets. There are a lot of emails, phone calls and Skype conversations as we prepare to take flight. Speaking of flights, normally we receive our tickets a week before we fly. Once we have our flights we breathe a sigh of relief and start organizing our workload.

travel blogger dave on a skype call

Dave in a Business Meeting

How do we Organize our Work Load?

1 – It's difficult running a travel blog on the road. You have to be organized. So before we start a trip, we prepare. We write a bunch of posts that we schedule to go out during our trip so that we aren't glued to our computers while we are traveling. There is nothing worse than not being able to enjoy your travels. If we had to worry about posting an article each night after a jam packed day of excitement, it would take away from the travel experience and burn us out in the process.

2 – We meet with our social media manager, Lisa to discuss contests and promotions that we have running so that she can keep spreading the word while we're offline. We discuss our current campaigns with her and tell her what we need her to promote and what she needs to highlight. We have complete faith and trust in her, and feel comfortable leaving her in charge of promotions.

3 – We research our destination so that we have a rough idea of what we may see and we plan how many videos and articles we are going to write about each trip, pack accordingly, charge all of our electronics and empty our memory cards. We're now good to go.

On the road new work begins.

working on the travel blog in the airport

Dave working at the Airport Lounge

Now that we don't have to worry about putting up articles on our blog or falling behind on obligations with other campaigns, we focus on the social media for our current travels. As soon as we arrive at the airport we start sharing the experience on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. We always settle on a hashtag with our partners so that people can follow it on Twitter without having to sift through all the noise.

We then board the plane, pull out our iPads and turn off our brains during the flight. It's the one time that we completely relax. We're not ones to work on flights, it's our down time. Dave listens to music, I watch movies and we both sleep a lot. We sleep well when flying, it's amazing.

During The Trip

travel couple in Barcelona

Making Sure to Enjoy the Moment in Barcelona

During our trip we go crazy taking photos, shooting video and taking notes. All while making new friends and living our dreams.

Oh, and while we're on said trip, we're already working on the next set of travels. We are lucky to receive a lot of invitations to destinations. We choose places that appeal to us and our readers and that fit into our schedule. We spend a lot of time emailing, working on budgets, itineraries and campaign ideas and then nail down a time when we can go. Normally we have 5 or 6 trips on the line at a time while other opportunities come in. It's exciting and exhausting all at once.

So, as you can see, we don't really relax during our travels, but we know how to enjoy our travels. It's important as a full time traveler to take a deep breath and enjoy your surroundings. Take the time to watch a sunset, lose yourself in the moment and pause to realize that life is good.

After the Trip

travel blogger deb at work

Between Trips at Deb's Parents

When the trip is over, the real work begins. When we come home, we have a difficult time visiting family and friends because we have to follow up on what just happened during the past few weeks. Not only by writing and editing videos but by sending in analytics and links to our sponsors. It's important that we make things easy for everyone to be able generate a proper reports.

We are normally between travels for about five days to two weeks. If we have the luxury of staying still for longer, we manage to have a bit of time to go out and catch up with old friends. But most of the time, we're on the road, just the two of us waiting for the next adventure to begin.

In time, we hope to be able to manage our time better. We want to stay in one place for longer and have the time to visit more family and friends when we're home. We love being together but we also know that it is important to have balance. While we love moving and shaking, we always have been that way, we know that if you move and shake for too long, you'll hit the wall. We don't want to hit the wall, we love to travel and we see ourselves doing this for the rest of our lives.

So while we don't if we'll settle down and find a home with a white picket fence, we know that we're going to have a blast trying to find our way.


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