Discovering Egypt: A Photo Story

Discovering Egypt was a lot of fun. From Cairo to the Valley of the Kings, Egypt has so much to offer. Whether you are looking for adventure or luxury Egypt has it all. 

Discovering Egypt


The White Desert


The Pyramids of Giza.

Black desert of Egypt

The Black Desert!

Feluca sails on Nile River at Sunset

A Felucca ride down the Nile!

Temple of Hatshepsut in Egypt

The Valley of the Kings!

City of Aswan Egypt

The beautiful city of Aswan!

Egypt-Abu Simbel

The ruins of Abu Simbel!

Sunrise and camels at Pyramids of Giza

Sunrise at the Pyramids!

Egypt-White Desert-Sunrise

Sunset at the White Desert!

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Egypt – A photographic journey

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