Egypt – A photographic journey

Are you ready to see a different side of Egypt?

Being the second time visiting this Middle Eastern jewel gave us the chance to look at it with a different set of eyes. Yes, the pyramids are mesmerizing, but having seen them before, we could look beyond their majesty and take in the atmosphere around us. Instead of gazing out over Cairo, we could take in the polished marble of an abandoned mosque. The library of Alexandria is filled with one of the greatest collections of literature on earth but it is the modern architecture that is so striking. Students hang out in the complex and ponder the challenges of Egypt's future while we snapshots of its striking design.

Egypt Photography

Egypt is filled with ancient monuments, but it is walking along the streets and meeting the people that is magical. Egyptians are right up there as some of the friendliest people on earth. As we walked through the streets we were invited into establishments for tea and people greeted us with welcoming smiles. Children approached us to ask where we were from and everyone asked us to take their photograph.

It is a country close to our hearts as the starting point of this great travel journey that we've been on for the past few years and it brought back fond memories walking through its ancient passageways. We didn't have enough time to truly immerse ourselves in this culture, but we will definitely be back.

For now, enjoy these photos of a different side of Egypt.


The Alabaster Mosque's outer courtyard is impressive to say the least



The interior of the Alabaster Mosque is even more impressive.



Sunrise a an abandoned mosque in Cairo, Egypt


A different look at the Library of Alexandria



The sun sets at the Pyramids of Giza in Cairo, Egypt



The Pyramids at night during the light show.



Life goes on in the streets of Alexandria, Egypt


White Desert of Egypt

Fascinating and Striking White Desert


white desert egypt pictures

the sun sets over the White Desert


sunrise pyramids of egypt

Early morning sunrise at Pyramids


valley of the Kings Egypt Photography

The massive Valley of the Kings


photographs of Cairo felucca at sunset

Felucca Sailing at Sunset



Egypts Black Desert

A Visit to the Black Desert before the White Desert


Pyramids of Giza

The Pyramids of Giza


Luxor Square Egypt photos

Luxor Square


Abu Simbal Egypt

Abul Simbal on Lake Nassar en Route to Sudan

One of our trips through Egypt was courtesy of Memphis Tours., We also cycled the continent from Cairo to Cape Town and spent more than 3o days Exploring Egypt.

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