How to use Snapchat like a Superstar

A social media tool that has been rising in popularity amongst travel bloggers in recent months is Snapchat. No longer just popular with the young kids, once you get the hang of this booming social media tool and learn how to use Snapchat you might have a hard time putting it down. Whether your want to update and entertain your friends and family or engage your audience/following Snapchat is a great tool for capturing your travels.


How to use Snapchat

Here are some of the best tips on how to use Snapchat to it’s fullest.

Have balance

Have balance when you use Snapchat

Have balance when you use Snapchat

This is probably one of the most important things when learning how to use Snapchat effectively. Snapchat has one of the most engaged audiences of all of the social media channels. Since there isn't a timeline for you to scroll through, users have to specifically click on your name and want to see what you are saying, and doing. Essentially Snapchat has the best engagement of any social media tool out there.

For this very reason, your Snapchat stories should be a fine balance between yourself (your face talking) and visuals of what you are doing and your surroundings. Some people always just snap their talking head and others only snap everything but themselves and not even their voice explaining what you are seeing. Your audience wants a good balance between the two so try to mix it up.

Keep your stories short and to the point

How-to-use-snapchat-keep stories-short

Keep those stories short when using Snapchat

The longest a snap can last is 10secs. Even though you can film yourself for 10secs, stop and start again and again to create a stitched together longer piece you will most likely start to bore your audience if you just keep yammering on and on. Think about what you want to say ahead of time, think about what people might find interesting and amusing then hit record and keep it short.

Loosen up

Relax and have fun with your snaps. Try not to be so rehearsed that it seems like you are reading a script. Keep eye with the camera lens and be yourself. Also don’t forget to use the myriad of emojis, filters and drawing tools available to spice up your snaps.

Use Geofilters

When first learning how to use Snapchat most people never think of the Geofilters idea. Geofilters are a pretty cool feature that you can use and add to your snaps to show where in the world you are. After taking a snap swipe across the screen until they appear, in most big cities you will find one available if not more. Often times various destinations, venues, theme parks and more have them as well.

Engage with your audience

In your settings allow your followers to be able to send you snaps and DMs. If your audience can’t respond to your snaps in chat or comment on things you have seen and done or ask questions then you are essentially only using the app as a soap box. Engagement is key when using any social media tool and allowing your followers to comment and interact is ideal.

Follow some or all of these tips and your Snapchat skills will be better than ever. Are there are any other tips that you would recommend? Leave them in the comments below!

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Cailin O'Neil is a A Canadian filmmaker / traveler / blogger / webseries creator / and sommelier in training Follow her journey at TravelYourself and Cailin O'  snaps:@cailinoneil Twitter, Facebook and YouTube

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