Monk Meditation in Myanmar

A monk does his Walking Meditation in Myanmar

One of the most picturesque places that we visited in Myanmar was Inle Lake.  Known for it's one legged rowers and handmade craft shops, we spent days exploring the villages that line the second largest lake in the country formerly known as Burma.

It was dry season while we were there and only days before the water festival but you never would have known it. Our time was spent seeing the sites in the rain and cloud.   We hired a boat one day to see the markets, pagodas and monasteries of the area. As a storm blew in, we found shelter at the Jumping Cat Monastery.

We listened to the monks chant along side the many local people on holiday from Mandalay and Yangon.   As it was festival season, the monastery was filled with Burmese tourists who were more curious about us than seeing the monks perform their daily prayers. Cats sat in our laps and roamed around the room as people ate their lunches and children played.

We found a moment of peace when we walked around the grounds once the weather cleared. We came across a monk doing a walking meditation. He kept a slow and deliberate pace from one end to the other.   He didn't seem to notice us or the ray of sun that broke through the clouds as I snapped this shot. He simply went on with his meditation walking back and forth along the covered dock.

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