Incredible Kenya Photos, A Visual Journey

I Dream of Africa. And I revisit it regularly though my Kenya Photos.

incredible kenya photos baby elephant playing

A baby elephant is the cutest

Kenya Photos, A Visual Journey

Travel in Kenya is exactly what one hopes for when going on safari in Africa. The people are friendly, the scenery is spectacular and even though the country is progressing at a rapid pace, it still feels as if you have stepped back in time.

kenya photos leopard

The Leopard of the Masai Mara, Kenya

Many times we found ourselves daydreaming about the past wondering how Roosevelt and Hemingway spent their days as we relaxed at the Fairmont Norfolk in Nairobi.

kenya photos kids

Kids smile for the camera in our guides local village

I envisioned a time when animals roamed freely and when the tribes ruled the land.

photos of kenya masai mara at sunrise

Masai Mara at Sunrise

There are bits and pieces of tribal life surviving in Conservancy's around the game reserves and the numbers of endangered animals are slowly coming back as photo safari tourism rises and the trophy hunting days of the past are slowly being pushed to the side.

photos of kenya amboseli sunset

Sunset in Amboseli National Park

We witnessed incredible beauty throughout the country and these are all my favourite Kenya photos from our time in the country.

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pictures of kenya sunset over masai mara

Sunset takes hold in the Masai Mara

Nothing beats an African sunset. Once you see one it will steel your heart.

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pictures of kenya rhinos lake nakuru

A Family of White Rhino drink in the morning sun at Lake Nakuru.

Rhinos are some of the most elusive animals in Africa, but you have an almost guaranteed chance of seeing them in Lake Nakuru.

pictures of kenya in black and white

Storm clouds loom in Kenya

Kenya is even beautiful when a storm is coming. The dramatic clouds make for stunning Kenya photos.

kenya pictures young male lion

A young male lion surveys a herd of Buffalo on the Plains of the Masai Mara

This male lion looks a little straggly, but that is only because he is young and his hair is just starting to come in. It won't be long before he has a full mane.

kenya pictures masai warrior

A young Masaai Warrior.

Visiting a Maasai Tribe when in Kenya is a must. The Maasai people of Selenky welcomed us into their homes.

kenya photography masai woman

The proud Masai People of Kenya

Photographing the Maasai people was a highlight for me. Meeting them really added to the diversity of my Kenya photos.

wildlife photography monkey in kenya

Sneaky monkey, Kenya

Most people don't think of monkeys in Africa. Everyone is too focused on lions, leopards and elephants. But when you spot these little guys, they are the cutest.

wildlife photography hippos in kenya

Hippos Bathe in Kenya

Most of the time we saw hippos in the distance, but at our safari lodge in the Masai Mara, we had a hippo pond right on the grounds! Note to travellers, you always need a guide when walking in Kenya.

balloon at sunrise over masai mara

Sunrise Balloon ride over the plains of Africa

Taking a hot air balloon ride over the Masai Mara of Kenya is an experience we will never forget and it's worth the extra splurge if you go to Africa. Read all about it here

elephant in amboseli national park

Elephants graze in Amboseli National Park

There are no shortage of elephants in Kenya, especially in Amboseli National Park.

lioness africa

A lioness hunting on the Masai Mara

It is fascinating to watch a lioness hunt. We tracked her for at least an hour.

flamingoes of lake nakuru

Flamingoes sleep at Lake Nakuru, Kenya

Lake Nakuru is famous for its flamingo population.


champagne balloon ride masai mara

Champagne dreams in the Masai Mara, Kenya

cape buffalo big 5

We can't forget about the cape buffalo

elephant in black and white

elephants are the most majestic creatures on the savanna

kenya leopard in grass

Catching a leopard walking in the long grass

rhino of kenya

Rhinos are so rare to see we had to include another

cheetah photo of kenya

A cheetah looks back as if to say good-bye

We hope you enjoyed these Kenya photos from our time on the Masai Mara, in Lake Nakuru and Amboseli National Park.


There were so many varied landscapes wildlife and experiences, we cannot fit it all into one photostory so check out more in the links below.

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