Make 2012 Your Year for Adventure

Make 2012 Your Year for Adventure

  • About 300 Teams started in the Mongol Rally 2011
  • 4 Teams did not make it out of Europe and 1 Team won't even make it as far as the Czechout party in The Czech Republic.
  • Approximately 70 Teams won't make it to Mongolia.
  • Approximately 225 Teams will make it to Mongolia but 76 will not make it to Ulaanbaatar. (We can attest, a lot of teams that we know broke down for good after crossing the border from Russia.

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See if you can beat the odds as we did!

The Mongol Rally may be over for our teams The Social Media Syndicate, but it is just beginning for the people that are signing up for 2012!

You still have time to sign up for your great adventure. One thing we learned from our Mongol Rally planning was that the sooner you start, the better your experience will be. There's a lot to do before next years rally and the first order of business is to sign up now!

The third and likely final sign up window for the Mongol Rally 2012 is on the 22nd September at 2pm UK Time.  The Adventurists have opened up an extra few places for the people who missed the first two sign up periods.

Sign up for the Mongol Rally 2012 Today

The Social Media Syndicate's Statistics

  • Flat Tires – 3, All in Mongolia
  • Amount of Fencing Wire used to hold exhaust on car? – 2 feet in total
  • Broken Shock – 1, two days before the finish line
  • Fights in the Car – 5 total meltdowns
  • Bribes Paid – 1 and 1/2
  • Bribes Avoided – 4 by acting stupid
  • Border Guard Friends made – 1 in The Ukraine.  He's moving to Canada and we're friends.
  • Amount Paid in Fuel – $1990 USD
  • Number of cans of mystery meat eaten – 7
  • Number of rides taken by horse cart – 2 (sherry and Dave)
  • Number of times bottoming out and nearly tearing through the gas tank – 25
  • Number of Drinking and Driving Sightings – 17
  • Number of days without changing underwear – 3
  • Number of Days in a row without a shower – 8
  • Number of nights stuck sleeping at the border – 1
  • Number of People we Know who Were Drugged and Mugged in Russia – 3
  • Amount of Times we were asked by locals to buy our car – 6

Stay tuned for more fun statistics from the Mongol Rally. We had a wacky time during our 10,000-mile road trip!

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