Mount McKinley, Flight over Denali

mount mckinley flight alaskaThe very first excursion we took on our Alaskan Twitter Cruise was a flight over the North Face of Mount McKinley. Known by it's native name of Denali in Alaska, Mount McKinley is the highest peak in North America.

We flew with Fly Denali in Talkeetna and enjoyed bonding with our fellow ers on this Follow Me At Sea Twitter Trip.

It was a rough day and we were supposed to land on the glacier but the winds were too high and we had to circle above.  That was okay with us.  It was an absolutely beautiful view and the thrill of tumbling and bumping through the air kept the adventure alive.  We climbed high over the turbulence dipping down every once in a while for a closer view.

We were as close as 5 miles from the mountain, but it felt as if we were flying head on into it's slope and that we were almost going to collide.  We didn't of course and we circled above witnessing the most magnificent view of our lives.  To see a grand mountain from within is one thing, but to circle so close and take it in from different vantage points was jaw dropping. The white peaks jutted out of the clouds as the imposing mountain stood proud towering above the Alaskan Landscape.

Enjoy this video to see our actual views

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