Muay Thai Week Two, Will We Make it?

People train at Rawai Muay Thai for months on end. It is amazing the amount of people that return year after year or have been here for several weeks already.  It explains why we seem so far behind. I have been in awe of people's skills and how quickly they pick things up. But then they tell me this is their fourth time here or they've been training for years.

I Feel Better.

As the second week of Muay Thai training starts I wonder to myself how they can stay here for so long?   While it is a good workout, it is very monotonous to the both of us.  That is not to say that others don't love it.

Our neighbour Marcus commented on how he loved the “boringness of it all.”   He is thriving on doing the same thing day in day out.  It's the same way that Dave felt cycling through Africa.  He loved the simplicity of it all. He knew that all he had to do was get up and ride his bike, Marcus knows that all he has to do is get up and train and relax in between sessions.

Marcus said that he has never felt better, he stopped smoking with ease and hasn't wanted a drink for the entire time he's been here. Muay Thai Kickboxing is agreeing with him!

A Typical Muay Thai Day

wrapping hands before muay thai class

Dave's Toes are badly blistered from carpet burn

Each class starts off exactly the same. We go into the gym, and begin with skipping or bouncing on tires to warm up.  We then wrap our hands with our wraps, sign in and stretch.

We shadow box for 10 minutes or so and as we are boxing Helm (the instructor) comes around to tell us who will be going into the ring or who will be going to work on the bags.  After we are split into the two groups, we go to our designated areas. One group spends 5 rounds punching a bag, the other spends 5 round punching or kicking the trainers wearing pads in the ring. In between rounds we have to do push ups or sit ups.  We get back up, have a sip of water and start punching all over again.

We are now an hour into training.

doing pushups between muay thai rounds

Dave doing pushups between rounds

The second half of class is where we work on technique.  We all reconvene to either learn a new move, practice blocking, grappling and kicking with our partners.  If you want to fight one day, this is an important part of class.  You need to learn how to get out of headlocks, how to take your opponent down and how to block a punch or kick.

We don't plan on fighting in the future, so this isn't my favourite part of the day, especially when I have to get up in front of the class to demonstrate the moves that we just learned. Everyone is very supportive and we all clap and cheer for each person, but it is still an awkward moment.

The Workout Cannot Be Denied Though

muay thai training in thailand

Deb practices her Muay Thai Kicks

In only one weeks time we have both lost over 3 kilos(almost 7 pounds)  and are back to feeling like our old selves. I am happy for the quick way to start up our fitness program.  Our endurance is stronger already, our energy is high and we feel fantastic.

If you are looking for a weight loss vacation that will keep you focused and force you to stick to your goals, come to Thailand.  For 500 baht a day, you can train for 6 hours a day and watch the fat melt away while your sculpt your way to a new you.  All the students at the gym are friendly and here for a common goal.  We are all looking to stay fit, enjoy life and workout

kickboxing training in Thailand

Dave takes on Sit Rak with his kicks

Taught by ex boxers you have a sense of an authentic experience.  The guys at Rawai Muay Thai used to fight with Tuk (the owner) in Bangkok, he employs ex trainers from Bangkok and young men that still fight today.   We wrote a post about the great work that Rawai Muay Thai is doing for their community, employing loca trainers and helping boxers at Rawai Muay Thai Gives Back.

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For More information visit Rawai Muay Thais Website

Bungalows At Rawai Muay Thai on the Premises

Delux with Air conditioning:

  • Weekly Rate: 5000 Baht ($166 Can/US) that is only $23 per day
  • Daily Rate:  1000 Baht ($33 Can/US)

Shared Twin Rooms – Fan Only

  • Weekly Rate: 1500 Baht ($50 Can/US) per person that is $7 per day
  • Daily Rate: 300 Baht ($10 Can/US) per person


  • 3000 Baht ($100 US/Can) per week- $14 per day.
  • 500 Baht ($16 US/Can) per day

Training includes:

  • up to 3 group classes per day.
  • Classes are two hours in length.
  • Unlimited use of weights, and training machines.

1 USD and CAD = 30 Baht

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