Photo Tip Friday: Composition

Today is the first day of a series that will run over the summer here at Marketingkonferenz.

Photos are big part of our blog and have been since the beginning so we thought it would be great if each week we can share a tip with you to improve your travel photography. Some tips will be in camera tips and others will be post processing but all should help you in one way or another improve your photography skills. So here we go.


Why is composition important? Because it can draw or hold a viewer on an image. By composing a scene properly we can lead the viewers eye to what the focus of the photo is.

Let’s take a look at the rule of Thirds. The rule of thirds is all about creating the right artistic trade-offs. It is used to create a sense of balance without making the image look too busy or complex.

Let’s look at it in practice.


Imagine that your photo is cut into thirds like the grid on the photo above. We want to make sure that the main focus of the photo is not in the center square. By placing the subject either in another section or where the lines intersect gives the photo more impact and more energy than just centering it. The focus of this photo is the waterfall so I made sure to place it where the lines intersect on the right hand side of frame. This allowed me to balance the image.

For landscapes, this usually means having the horizon lined up with the upper or lower third of the image. For subjects, this usually means photographing them to either side of the photo like the one above.

Breaking the Rules

Remember though rules were made to be broken. You don’t have to always follow this rule. In the photo below there is really no place for the rule of thirds to have an impact. This usually happens with abstract shots like this.

An abstract image where Rule of Thirds does not apply.

An abstract image where Rule of Thirds does not apply.

So the next time you are out shooting give this a try and see if your shots have more impact.

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Insider Tip: If you have already shot some images that you did not employ the rule of thirds put them into your editing program and play around with the crop feature. You will see quickly how it can impact your image.

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