A Fifth Generation Portrait from Thailand

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A Fifth Generation Portrait from Thailand

Taking portraits is one of my favourite forms of photography. When we were traveling through Northern Thailand with The Smiling Albino, we had a gorgeous day walking along the tea terraces. Yes, there are tea terraces in Thailand.

We came across a hill tribe village and met this woman, The oldest of 5 generations. We chatted for a little bit as her grand daughter translated.

When I asked if I could take her picture, she smiled and motioned for me to wait. 

She lit her pipe and propped herself up to make for the perfect setting. Nobody else in the family wanted to have their photo taken, they saved the glory for their grandmother who loved every minute of it.

Traveling in Doi Ma Salong showed us a different side of Thailand. A Thailand that isn't part of the beaten path and a Thailand that seems just a little more relaxed than the rest of the country. We didn't see other tourists during our stay there. We walked alone through the countryside and the villages.

It was just us, villagers and a magnificent setting.

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