Roots Canada and Ottawa Tourism A Natural Fit

It's our nation's capital and an iconic Canadian company together at last! 

Founded in Toronto Canada in 1973, Roots has become ingrained in the Canadian psyche as a part of our national identity. Sure it dressed the American and British Olympic Teams at one point, but it was our stylish athletes making a splash in 1998 dressed in Roots apparel that made the world stand up and take notice.

Canadians couldn't get enough of the design and we flocked to Roots all over the country to buy our own Olympic dream wear and pay homage to our athletes. I'll never forget wearing my Canadian Roots beret all over Europe in 2003 when I was traveling in the cooler months. I had never been so proud to be Canadian.

Roots Canada and Ottawa Tourism A Natural Fit

From 1998 to 2004 Canadian athletes were always hailed as the best dressed in the Olympics thanks to the smart designs of Roots Canada.

Elvis Stojco Prince Charles, William and Harry

Elvis Stojco Prince Charles, William and Harry Wearing Roots

So it's a natural fit that Roots should be working with the tourism board of our nation's capital. Ottawa!


Jantine Van Kregten Director of Communications Ottawa Tourism

Roots Flagship Store

We had the opportunity to attend The Let's Go Outside event at Roots flagship store on Bloor Street in Toronto last night and meet the fine people of both Roots Canada and Ottawa Tourism.


James Connell, VP of E-Commerce,

With fine wines and cheeses from Prince Edward County being served and trays of Canadian centric foods such as smoked trout tacos and butternut squash soup circling around, we enjoyed a pleasant evening of mingling with tourism heavy weights from both Toronto and Ottawa.


GirlsGetaway, JourneyWoman and Dave

Roots Canada and Ottawa Tourism Together at Last


Roots Clothing in Ottawa

Photo Courtesy Roots Canada and Ottawa Tourism



This Canadian Braving Winter in Canada

Ottawa is a fantastic winter destination. Canadians love to brave the cold and as we bundled up in our puffy coats and furry hats, we get outdoors to enjoy what mother nature has to offer. This year Winterlude happens from Feb 3rd to 20th. It's a great time to get in the Canadian spirit and embrace the cold.

Skate on the Rideau Canal, witness masterpieces of giant ice sculptures, celebrate the cuisine of Canada's Top Chefs and explore Canada's prettiest city.

This year, Ottawa is hosting the NHL Allstar Game, if that's not a picture perfect Canadian moment, I don't know what is.

Hockey, Canada's Capital + Winter = Truly Canadian. 

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