Rudy Project Sunglasses – Put to the Test in Antarctica

We were lucky in Antarctica being blessed with some very sunny weather. At the same time, we had several days where the skies were overcast and grey. I am sensitive to light regardless of the weather and for the first time in years my eyes felt relaxed and comfortable in all outdoor conditions.

Why you Ask?

Because we had our Rudy Project Sunglasses with Polarized Lenses. Polarized lenses are perfect for reducing glare and when you are on the water surrounded by ice and snow in Antarctica, there is a lot of glare that needs to be reduced.


We had the good fortune of receiving a few pairs of sunglasses from Rudy Project for our Antarctica adventure. With our award winning Italian made brand of high performance sunglasses we were not only looking good, our eyes were taken care of to the maximum degree. We had used Rudy Project sunglasses during our cycling race through Africa and now took them down to the toughest conditions on earth in Antarctica.

Dave in Rudy Project Sunglasses, Ryzor Black

Deb's Rudy's

My Mastermind glasses had brown lenses as opposed to the dark grey that I am used to. I normally like to go as dark as possible since my eyes are so sensitive. So I was a little worried about how they would perform under bright light. However, I chose these sunglasses because I loved their fashionable design and for once in my life, I wanted to look good while doing my adventures.

Rudy Project Mastermind With Polar 3fx Brown Laser Lenses – Price $209


Deb in Rudy Project Mastermind Sunglasses

It turned out that the Polar 3 fx Brown lazer lenses filtered out the UV rays beautifully and I could enjoy the views without having to squint. I used theses sunglasses for our zodiac excursions and continent landings. They have great coverage and protect my eyes from the sun in all directions. I hate having light filter in through the side of my face, and the thick arms kept out any bright light.

“Rudy Project is today the preferred choice of thousands of world class athletes and Olympians in cycling, triathlon, golf, shooting and sailing to name a few” – It's now the preferred choice for Marketingkonferenz

For kayaking trips I switched to my performance Rydon II lenses. These glasses are great for sports such as cycling and running according to the Rudy Project website, but I found them to be excellent for kayaking as well. They are a more sleek design keeping them out of the way of my hats, hoods and balaclava. These are also the sunglasses that I have the RX insert installed. I hate having to wear my lenses everyday when being active, and many sport sunglasses don't allow for a strong prescription to be installed. The curve of the frame makes for a distorted view and with my eyes, I can normally only buy prescription glasses in fashion frames.


Deb in Rudy Project Rydon II Lenses

With the Rudy Project RX inserts, I can wear sports performance sunglasses with a prescription lens. What I love about the inserts are how I have the choice to wear my sunglasses with or without my s giving me the freedom to enjoy my outdoor sports whichever way I choose. Plus, the insert is interchangeable between my other Rudy Project sport lenses.

Rydon II With RX Inserts – Price $179
RX insert prices range depending on strength of prescription – Around $200

Rydon II with Inserts for Prescription

Fog Free

Something that I didn't consciously notice until I re-read the Rudy Project website to bring it to my attention, is that I never had to worry about my lenses fogging up. We were in cold weather but working hard when paddling and unlike other times when I overheat, my glasses never fogged up. It never seemed to matter what we were doing, be it standing on deck after walking outside or entering the lounge from the patio our glasses never fogged. I never noticed that because it was never an issue. When things go well, it just seems right.

Daves Glasses

Dave looked right at home in Antarctica


Unlike my sunglasses, we went for the traditional dark lenses and loved them. He actually found that they weren't too dark and could still be worn on overcast days but were also perfect for bright sunny days. Once again, it was the polarized lenses that made all the difference.

His first choice was the Rudy Project Ryzer Black With Impactx Polarized Photochromic Grey Lenses. Rudy Project has put a lot of work into developing their lenses and it shows. What's great about this product, is that the lenses are interchangeable, so if you are mountain biking in a dense forest, you can switch to light lenses to protect our eyes but still see the trail and if you are kayaking in Antarctica in bright sunlight you can change your lenses once again to adapt.

Dave used these sunglasses for his kayaking and hiking excursions in Antarctica.

Rudy Project Ryzer Black – Price: $254


Rudy Project Ryzer Sunglasses with Leopard Seal

When he wanted to look slick and rich like the rest of the passengers on the Sea Spirit deck, we switched to the Arpoon Design. These gunmetal frames with Italian design made me swoon when Dave wore them. As the website says, it is the perfect fusion between sport and fashion. I could see 007 himself wearing these sunglasses on a yacht in Monaco.

Rudy Project Arpoon Full –  Price: $279


Dave in Rudy Project Arpoon Sunglasses

There is a lot of science and design elements that go into the Rudy Project sunglasses, but we don't really care about all that. We love knowing that our precious eyesight is being protected by the harmful UV rays of the sun and we are content knowing that we have state of the art materials keeping our lenses from fogging up, scratching too easily and keeping the glasses to the lightest weight possible, but what we really care about is the comfort. Our eyes were comfortable throughout all our outdoor activities and the frames felt good on our face. There wasn't any pinching or lopsidedness happening. We weren't distracted by the colour of the lenses and most of all, we looked mighty fine on the 7th continent.

Will we continue to use Rudy Project. Oh yeah.


Sporting our Rudy Project Sunglasses in Antarctica

I've been browsing their website searching for my next pair already!

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