About Santorini, Greece – You Will Fall in Love with this Island

Santorini Greece is truly a magical destination, especially when you visit in the off season. We fell in love with Santorini during our seven-day escape and share everything we know about Santorini here.. A lot of people tell us they don't love Santorini, it's too busy.

I can understand where their coming from, a trip to Santorini in the middle of summer at the height of cruise season would be an awful time to visit. It would be hot and crowded and miserable.

Honestly, if you travel to Santorini on a cruise during the high season, I bet you won't love it, but when we visited in October, it was pure perfection. The weather was beautiful, the crowds were small with only a ship or two in port each day, and the scenery was spectacular.

About Santorini

Since visiting the Greek Island in the Southern Aegean Sea, we've seen photographs of it pop up everywhere.

It seems to show up on the TV screen in commercials, on game shows, in magazines and blogs, and even Jeopardy showcased the beautiful blue domes of the island. It's no wonder, Santorini is gorgeous.

I don't think we've ever seen such a beautiful vacation destination and if you don't agree, take a look at the photos below and it may change your mind.

about santorini sunset

Morning dawns in Santorini

Enjoy a sunset wine tour of Santorini to take in spectacular views.

about santorini table

A perfect seat to watch the ships come into the harbour.

sunset sailboat

A sunset catamaran cruise on the Agean Sea in Santorini

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night shot village of oia

The beautiful Oia at night in Santorini

about santorini

The famous Santorini blue

 Santorini at Sunset

Explore the traditional villages tour of Santorini ending with sunset in Oia


deb pool

Santorini has views to die for.

This photo was taken at our luxury accommodation the Andronis Luxury Suites in Oia.

cliffs sunset

Looking over the main city of Fira at sunset.

about santorini wine

Even the food and wine come with a view in Santorini.

dave deb beach

A walk along the black beach is a must do in Santorini.

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about santorini pool ocean

If you are looking for luxury, Santorini has it.

sun over village

Sunset is magical from Oia in Santorini.

about santorini pool

Santorini has no shortage of places to relax.

Our pool at Iconic Santorini Luxury Cave Hotel in Imerovigli.


about santorini ocean

Churches seem to be everywhere in Santorini.

red beach greece

Don't miss the Red Beach in Santorini.

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about santorini cliffs

The views of Santorini from the water is just as impressive.

about santorini gate

Walking the streets of Oia

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about santorini sunset

Goodnight from Santorini

So what do you think? Did you fall in love with Santorini?

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