SkyDive Taupo, Embrace the Fear

I finally got my nerve to skydive

Everywhere we go in New Zealand we see billboards and posters about skydiving and bungy jumping. The slogan of many an outfit is “Embrace the Fear.” If you know me well, you will know that I am not the best candidate for jumping off of things so this was a very big step.


Dave Skydiving Earlier in the Week

I have never had the desire to skydive, I have never had the desire to bungy jump and face my fears. Why jump out of a perfectly good plane or off of a perfectly good bridge?

New Zealand Changes Everything

After flying the Stunt Plane in Abel Tasman, I felt ready to do anything. I actually started to have a desire to jump out of something and embrace my fear. When The Flying Kiwi told us that SkyDive Taupo was going to offer us a skydive I was actually excited.

The day arrived and while I was nervous but I wasn’t paralyzed with fear. I couldn’t eat anything in the morning, but I was functioning okay.

skydive taupo deb

I look a little nervous here because I am!

We Arrived Late in the Day to Skydive Taupo

I don't think that Flying Kiwi Gives you enough time in Taupo though. The bus regularly stop for hikes and photo opportunities instead of getting to our destination where we can check out the activities in town.

I would rather get to camp earlier to enjoy the hiking around camp then stopping for a little 20 minute loop or two throughout the day. We only stop here for a few hours so people can do their activities before we move onto camp and arrive at our usual time of 6:00 pm.

It had been a beautiful day so far and when the limo came to pick us up for our jump at 2:00 pm we were feeling confident.


Getting picked up by the limo

Yep, Sky Dive Taupo offers limosine service to take you to the airfield in style!

We sat with a fellow Flying Kiwi jumper named Inga who is on her first travel around the world. She said, “you can go your whole life saying I can’t”  She took this trip because it was time for her to start saying “I Can.”

She definitely can and she is doing the skydive to prove it. All her friends had told her that Taupo was the place to skydive and she was prepared as she would ever be to jump.

Me too!

Dave was calm and cool as he had already jumped in Abel Tasman but I will admit my knees were weak when I stepped out of the limo.

inside dave

Stacy from Skydive Taupo was awesome

We were met by the most friendly staff we had encountered in all of New Zealand. Stacy Carson, a fantastic guy, met us and gave us the 411 on what we’d be doing today.

We were led into the video room where we watched the video of a previous jumper and by the time it was over we were excited.  Stacey talked us through the feeling of skydiving and assured us that we were going to love it. He explained the sensation and talked about his first experience and how everyone is terrified and that is normal. But once it’s over, you’re gonna want to do it again!

Okay, by now my palms have stopped sweating and I have the feeling back in my legs. “I can do this!”

We then taken out to the lobby and given a playlist to pick our music.

skydive taupo dave

You even get to pick your own playlist!

The unique thing about Skydive Taupo is that they have a camera with you the entire flight. Other videos in New Zealand have a cameraman with you during your freefall, but once the parachute opens you have no more footage. With Skydive Taupo, you have video of the entire experience from beginning to end.

And the best bit, you get to choose your intro, freefall and wrap up music from an extensive playlist. It makes the event more personal.

We had a wicked playlist chosen when we were informed that the winds had come up and we had to wait to see what would happen.  With the winds this high, it was unsafe to jump.

skydive taupo group

Waiting for the weather was the hardest part!

We waited for 20 minutes and then waited for 20 more. The wind wasn’t going to die down anytime soon and they asked us if we could come back at 5:00. They should go down when the sun starts setting.

One big problem with being on a tour is that you don’t have control over your itinerary and no we couldn’t come back at 5:00.  The Flying Kiwi doesn’t stay overnight in Taupo, a great destination in the north island with a very nice downtown core with pubs, bars, cafes and shopping.

skydive taupo sad

We were sad. No Skydiving in Taupo!

So we missed out on jumping with Skydive Taupo. We had every intention of going back after our Flying Kiwi tour but to make our way from the south Island to the upper north island is quite the trip.

My Skydiving will have to wait for another day.

What I am worried about is that I missed my window of bravery. Can I do it again when the opportunity arises? I was ready in Taupo and I know that I would have jumped and loved it.  Skydiving hasn’t ever been something I have wanted to do or felt the need to do to prove myself. Some people like jumping off of things, others don’t. So I wonder, will I get my nerve up again and will I even want to.

The Price list:


Skydive Taupo's price list

In New Zealand I rode the wave of adrenaline. It was the natural thing to do to jump off things and to try extreme sports that you normally wouldn’t do. I wonder if I will feel the need to do it again?

  • For more information on skydiving in Taupo, New Zealand visit SkyDive Taupo
  • For more information on New Zealand Bus Tours visit Flying Kiwi
  • 1 NZD = .7 CAD/USD or .5 Euro/British Pounds

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