Switch Sport Sunglasses for the Serious Adventure Traveler

Dave and I are ramping up the summer adventures and we're happy to know that our eyes are taken care of. We've always been believers in investing in quality eyewear and when Switch Sunglasses emailed us to see if we'd like to try our their new patented magnetic interchange lens system, their timing couldn't have been more perfect.

My previous sunglasses were scuffed and scratched and I was ‘this close' to heading to the store for a new pair. When we checked out their website and browsed their selection of sports sunglasses, we were intrigued.

What was this magnetic system all about? Switch has developed an easy lens exchange system that allows you to change your lenses for different conditions in a snap.

Before receiving the sunglasses, I will admit, I was a little skeptical. The price point is lower than the sunglasses we usually wear and would the lenses be able to stay on during the adventures we had in store?

I was worried that maybe they wouldn't look or feel like the more expensive sunglasses we are used to. Even though we love adventure, we love style just as much and if there is one thing we're willing to spend money on, it's our sports sunglasses.

Switch Sport Sunglasses for the Serious Adventure Traveler

sport sunglasses deb dave

It turns out, they looked great. They are comfortable and stylish and are top notch quality. Could it be that we no longer have to pay an arm and a leg for exceptional sunglasses?

Switch sunglasses are lightweight, impact resistant, and virtually shatterproof. Not only did my eyes feel protected from the elements we face every day in our adventures, but the polarized lenses also made my eyes completely relax in the bright sun.

Sunglasses for Adventure

We first put our Switch Vision magnetic lenses to the test during a rough few days of whitewater kayaking and rafting. If they can withstand flipping over into ice-cold murky Ontario water, there's a good chance they can withstand anything.

We were sure that after a one day of being hit in the face by raging rapids at least one lens would fall out. How could magnets alone hold them in place? Well, Switch Sunglasses isn't your ordinary every day sunglass manufacturer.

They spent three years perfecting their system of magnetic lenses that literally jump into place. You can feel the pull as the lens get closer to the frame. Then presto, they easily snap and stay secure. The result of those three years: “the world’s first magnetic interchange sunglass collection created for – and by – active outdoor athletes”

sport sunglasses rafting

Our sunglasses withstood flipping, rolling, hitting rocks, flying out of boats and hiking through woods. I never once worried that I'd lose a lens after the end of our first day. We kept our eyes protected throughout the week and the glasses stayed secure.

The Switch Vision System

We loved the fact that we could pop out a lens while still wearing our frames to give the lens a clean. I've always found that after a day outside, dirt and grit build up between the lens and the frame. With our new Switch Sunglasses, we can easily wipe away anything as there's nothing blocking our cloth. They are super easy to snap in and out of the frames making cleaning or changing lenses simple.

Post by Debra Corbeil.

Stylish Sports Sunglasses

I've found that with other sunglasses we've used, they always look great on Dave, but on me, not so much. I have a small face and it seems that sports sunglasses are always made for a man. I just don't look cool in them. For the first time, I actually liked the way I looked during our adventures. Even when my face made silly faces, my sunglasses looked good!

river rafting

There are several different types of sunglasses to choose from and when you order a set, you receive a second set of lenses. Frames include 2 sets of lenses—1 set of polarized lenses for bright light and 1 set of non-polarized, rose-tinted lenses for low light.

As we all know, one set of lenses isn't enough. We always carry multiple sunglasses with us on trips. When mountain biking in the woods, we need low light lenses, when snowboarding we need anti glare lenses, and on bright sunny days, we need polarized UV blocking lenses.

With Switch Sunglasses we get all that in one pair of glasses. You can order several different types of lenses to go with your sunglasses.

So how do we feel about Switch Vision Sunglasses?

They passed our test with flying colours and we are now happy to announce, that Switch Vision is our official supplier of sunglasses for our summer adventures in Ontario! We don't choose official suppliers lightly.

If we didn't like them after giving them a try, we'd give them away to friends of family, and you'd never hear a word about them. Instead, you're now going to be seeing a lot of Switch Sunglasses on Marketingkonferenz travel blog.

To get the sunglasses we're wearing you can click on the following links
Deb: Lynx, Dark Turquoise & Tioga: Olive/Grey –
Dave: Avalanche Upslope, Gun Metal & H-Wall Extreme – Matte Silver 

Kits are easy to choose. On the Switch Sunglasses website you have your choice of several different frames with suggestions for types of faces, all come in different colours, exchangeable lenses and a microfiber cleaning cloth and lens pod for your extra lenses.

hwall sunglasses

Prescription Sports Sunglasses

Switch Vision Sunglasses offer Rx Prescription glasses as well. I have terrible vision and most sport sunglasses don't offer lenses in my prescription. Rx lenses are made for sports and for people like me. Now that I know I love the glasses, I'm going to order prescription glasses as well. If I can do adventures without the worry of lenses, I'm all in!

To order and see more about Switch Sunglasses, visit their website www.switchvision.com

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