Our Best Switzerland Pictures

Dave took amazing Switzerland pictures from Lucerne to Bern and Interlaken to Geneva. When I look at this collection of Swiss photos, I am impressed by their variety.

Switzerland Pictures

switzerland pictures bern

We already shared some Instagram photos with you from our time in Switzerland, but an iPhone can never compare to a photograph carefully crafted with a Canon DSLR.


switzerland pictures castle

Dave used several different kinds of post-processing and photography techniques to achieve a variety of different views of Switzerland.

switzerland pictures sunset

Yes, I love Dave's shots of Switzerland.

switzerland pictures grindelwald

I enjoy throwing up my photographs taken on the iPhone for everyone to see our travels in real time, but I adore seeing his shots after the trip to really get a taste of the beauty of the country.

mountain valley

More Switzerland in Photos

switzerland pictures mountain

To achieve different looks, Dave took his Switzerland Pictures using a variety of methods.

switzerland pictures flowers

HDR photographs are always very dramatic but I also love his Swiss Alps pictures in Black and White and his selective colour photograph of the Swiss Countryside.

switzerland pictures montreux

Depth of Field

There's the use of a shallow depth of field when walking through a Swiss vineyard, a long exposure night shot of Interlaken and a good old fashioned picture where no post processing is used at all.


switzerland pictures lake


interlaken night

switzerland pictures interlaken

switzerland pictures night

 I love these Switzerland Pictures and they truly are the best of the best.

Our trip and these Switzerland Pictures were made possible by Expedia.com.

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