The Beauty of Mexico in Photos

Mexico is such an incredible country for so many reasons. Capturing Mexico in photos is a wonderful way to show off it's unique culture and landscape and this post is dedicated to its immense beauty. The country of Mexico contains many different landscapes, climates, and cities and each location has its own personality and radiance. These photos are all from my recent trip to Loreto, in Baja California, Mexico.

Mexico in Photos

mexico in photos cactus

Before visiting Loreto, I had no idea the area was actual a dessert.

mexico photos a lonely road

I love the contrast between this tiny town of San Ignacio with palm trees against the dry mountains.

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mexico photo a cemetery cross

A cross with fresh flowers in San Javier.

flowers mexico photos

Brightly colored flowers and an 800 year old church in the distance.

mexico in photos an old tree

An ancient tree with twisted branches and roots.

this mexico photo shows the pristine water and beaches

Pristine water on the beach of Isla Coronado

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photo of mexico beach and water

The view of the beach from a hiking trail on Isla Coronado

photos mexico a boat in the water

A single boat docked on a quiet island.

mexico photos sea lions on shore

Sea lions in their natural habitat.

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photos mexico sea lions sleeping

Gorgeous and happy!

mexico photos rocks and shoreline

Rocks formed from volcanic eruptions long ago.

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