The Consequences of Long Term Travel

Last night I woke up in the middle of the night with a panic attack.

It suddenly dawned on me that we are leaving for Fiji and then China a week from Wednesday.

The Consequences of Long Term Travel

We had just come back from visiting Dave's family and I started thinking about how many people we still have to visit, and there are only two weekends left!

We have a million and a half things to do with the website, banking, packing, cleaning up my parents house and leaving it in tip top shape, putting all our paper work in order…You get the idea.

But the reality there are some bigger issues at stake.

 1. Will Christina regain her confidence and be able to operate again? Will Meredith and Derek be able to have a baby or will she be tested for Alzheimer's and find out that she has the gene?  Will McSteamy finally settle down with Lexie and leave his womanizing days behind? – We'll never know because we won't see the season finale let along May sweeps of Greys Anatomy.

2. Oh how we will miss the antics of Modern Family.  We laugh and laugh at the antics of Mitchel and Cameron.  Did you see the episode where they were building a play house in the back yard and Mitch ended up building the house but locked himself inside? So funny!  Will we ever be able to understand Glorias accent? Who cares, she's funny too! This is our favourite show on TV, but we won't be able to see Modern Family anymore…ho hum, we have to go to Fiji.

3. Will Emma end up with Will? Or will Dr. Carl sweep her off her feet and whisk her away once and for all?   How will Gweneth Paltrow's guest appearance go? Can she sing and dance or should she leave the music career to her husband?  Will Sue Sylvester ever accept these singing sensations? What great musical will the Glee Club play homage to next?- We'll never know because we won't see any more Glee on TV.


4.  Who is the mother of Ted's children anyway? Do you think Barney and Robin will make a go of it? We hope so. Will Marshal and Lilly really have a baby? And how will they be able to have drinks at the bar if Lilly is pregnant? What will be there new hang out? These are the questions that need to be answered on How I Met your MotherHow will we survive walking the Great Wall of China, seeing the Terracotta Warriors or cruising down the Three Gorges when we don't know the answers to these questions?

5.  Will Booth and Bones ever get together? Or will his hot girlfriend Hanna ruin everything?  Will Angela and Hodgins live happily ever after now that they are expecting?  We don't know because Bones has been on Hiatus since mid October, but you know what, Bones sucks anyway, so we really don't care and yet for some reason we keep watching it. hmm

So as you can see, we have a real dilemma here.

Sure we get to see amazing historical sites, we get to go on treks of a lifetime, we will be crossing continents and feeling more alive than we could possibly imagine.   We will be sailing in the South Pacific, Riding Camels and watching glorious sunsets…

Oh wait, what am I complaining about…We are Going to Fiji!

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