The Countdown Begins

niagara falls

Niagara Falls

78 Days until we are on our plane to Cairo, and things are moving along far too quickly.

Time for an update.

training on the lakeshore

Training on the Lakeshore

Dave and I had a lovely day at the Toronto Bike Show yesterday. A one day blowout event that was insane. 9:30 am we were lined up with the masses drinking our Tim Hortons in the chilly morning air. It was a take no prisoners event and I was in top form scooping bike shorts off the rack right out from under a “not so savvy” shoppers nose, elbowing my way through the crowd, sending Dave to stand in line while I scoured the racks of clothing and balancing arm loads of tubes in one hand while stacks of jerseys were draped over the other. Dave as usual was amazing at bartering for a bargain. I felt like we were back in Vietnam all over again as he asked for a better deal if we buy in bulk. We made a great haul, updating our biking wardrobe and gathering our spare parts. As far as our equipment and gear goes, we are doing great.

wind power

Wind Power

As far as riding goes, things are getting better. We have managed to get back into doing our long rides on the weekends and have enjoyed awesome weather. We had a wonderful ride on Thanksgiving weekend riding from my sister Teresa's place along Lake Erie. Great scenery and fabulous weather – who could ask for more. Dave is riding spectacularly and I am so amazed with his abilities to go with so little sleep each week. (He is going to hate me for writing this, but that's his problem for letting me write the blog) No we are not in the Netherlands, that is Port Burwell Ontario, windmills line the coast of Lake Erie. It is really beautiful there.

Speaking of Dave, he is once again way too busy on the Hulk (This movie better be a Blockbuster) working very long hours. I am talking pre-dawn to after dark. Not the best business for trying to get training rides in. And I am dealing with 10 stitches right at my sitting bone. No getting on a bike for me this weekend. I originally thought that I would be out for a few days, but it is going to be a week and a half! When I read other people's blogs, I am very intimidated and stressed about all of the riding they are getting in. Where do they find the time and dedication? No problem though, back to spinning classes this week, and hopefully the mild weather holds out so we can still do long rides on the weekends.

training ride niagara falls

Training ride to Niagara Falls

bike for tour d'afrique

Dave's trusty bike

Dave had a nice ride today in Niagara Falls. Made me think of how in just a few months from now we will be at Victoria Falls. Brilliant!!! The weather is getting colder now, and he had the chance to try out his cold weather gear. Happy to hear it passed the test since I am using the same stuff. I wonder how cold it is going to get in Africa. I think that it is a little chilly in Egypt when we start, but bring it on baby..We are Canadian!


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