Great News Comes from our Meeting with Bon Jovi

Sometimes just being in the right place at the right time can change your life!

Dave and I have always believed that we make our own luck.  Being in the right place at the right time comes after a lot of hard work to get yourself there in the first place. By being open to new possibilities, we have exciting opportunities fall into our laps.

That is exactly what happened to us in Mexico this past week.

Bon-Jovi Hard rock-cafe-7

We didn't know that we'd be going to the soon to be Hard Rock Hotel in Puerto Vallarta to see Bon Jovi before we flew to Mexico. We heard there was a VIP party and we needed to RSVP ASAP to be put on the guest list, but we assumed it was going to be the usual media party. Lot's of food and booze and little excitement. But we ended up walking into a red carpet event and met the iconic band themselves who were performing for our private party during the Tianguis Turistico conference.

We hear nearly 800 international journalists landed in the area to report on Mexico's tourism industry and PR representatives were pulling out all the stops to make media happy.

Bon-Jovi Hard rock-cafe-4Being VIP's we had the chance to get up close and personal with the Rock Stars before their show and instantly hit it off with the guys. Jon took a particular interest in our 20 year relationship. Having been married to his wife Dorothea for 23 years he could relate!  We were in full “PR” mode ourselves and sold our story quickly to the guys while we posed for photos on the red carpet.

dave hard rockTelling them about how we are living our dream of being full time travellers doing adventures around the world caught their attention, but the hook came when we told them that we have been together since 1991. College sweethearts who've grown together and pursued our goals together and after all this time are madly in love and living our dream makes for great TV.

Bon-Jovi Hard rock-cafe-2

Richie Sambora suddenly told us to head over to the lady standing by the side of the stage to discuss a reality show production. He's been venturing into reality television in recent years and thinks that we've got something.

We were beyond thrilled 

We ran over to meet his PR representative Jennifer who gave us her card and told us to her once we get home. She has never seen Richie jump on an idea so quickly.

Bon-Jovi Hard rock-cafe-5

No wonder….

Richie Sambora would never jump at a pitch by two total strangers on a Saturday night at the beach.

Bon-Jovi Hard rock-cafe-1

That guy isn't Richie Sambora and these guys aren't from Bon Jovi. He's the guitarist for the cover band Slippery When Wet and this entire post is a lie.

April Fools! 

But don't you just the idea of putting your dreams “out there” for the universe to hear? Maybe if we keep telling people that we'd love to host our own travel show we'll get one someday. Like the quote goes in the movie Field of Dreams* “If you Build it, they will come”  If we keep saying it enough, someone's gotta sign us soon!

*The quote from Field of Dreams is actually “if you build it, he will come” but it sounds so much better using the misquote of they instead. 

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