The Very Best of Costa Brava – Your Sunday Video Escape

It's a dream to spend a summer in Spain. Particularly on the incredible Costa Brava Coast. We had the luxury of enjoying nearly two months in Charming Villas, seaside penthouses, and a luxury campsite. Two months barely scratched the surface, but we did manage to check out all of the highlights of this spectacular region on the North Coast of Spain.

The very best of costa brava

We could write our top 10 things to do in Costa Brava or give you a long winded article about the things to see in Catalunya, but it's Sunday! You dont' want to read, you want to turn off your brain and sit back and relax. So grab a cup of coffee and enjoy our video then head over to our YouTube Channel for more great travel videos from Costa Brava and around the world.

Check out Charming Villas for places to Stay in Costa Brava

The Very Best of Costa Brava – Your Sunday Video Escape

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Did you enjoy that? Want to know more about Costa Brava? Follow the links below to read more! Check out our Behind the Scenes Sneak Peak of Making a video in Spain with Wandertooth

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