The Wild Atlantic Way in Real Time

Happy Easter from Ireland!

It's been a beautiful week here in Ireland. Sunshine, warm weather and beautiful scenery. Who could ask for more? We're very excited to be here and among the first people to drive the entire length of the Wild Atlantic Way. Spanning 2750km, The Wild Atlantic Way is Ireland's first tour route stretching the entire Atlantic coast from the South in County Cork, to the North in County Donegal. And we're doing it all baby! We're sharing our experience in real time from top to bottom through social media and you can follow along as you enjoy your chocolate bunnies on this Easter Morning.

Ireland's Skellig Islands

Happy Easter from Dave and Deb in Ireland

What's really exciting is that we are among the first people to drive the entire route. We joined Aer Lingus for their inaugural flight from Toronto to Dublin. It's a direct route to Ireland with no stops along the way. Let me tell you, the flight went fast and we felt refreshed. Normally when we fly to Europe, we have to make a connection somewhere extending our time in transit. Flying direct for a mere six hours was a real treat!

Aer Lingus toronto to dublin

Our Tweet from Pearson Airport

Officially launched in March, The Wild Atlantic Way was created by connecting existing roadways to make one continuous route along the West coast of the entire country making it the longest defined coastal drive in the world.

Dave and Deb in the Irish Examiner

Irish Examiner

We managed to get ourselves in to a couple of Irish Papers. We are so excited to be representing Canada and showing off the beauty of Ireland to our readers and followers.

To read the full stories, check out:

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  • Hospitality Ireland – Wild Atlantic Way to Feature on Top Travel Blog
  • Radio 1 Ireland – Drive Time with Mary Wilson at hour 1:45
Skellig Michael

The Ruins we feel are one of the most fascinating we've ever visited!

We've been exploring the beauty of the land and experiencing genuine Irish hospitality as we travel through Ireland for the first time. We knew it was going to be something special the moment we landed and had a surprise upgrade at the car rental company due to the fact that no automatic cars were available. “Would you mind driving a stick?” Not at all we replied. That's great because we have a nice BMW for you instead as we're running short on automatics. You see most Canadians and Americans prefer to drive automatic cars and with it being the Easter weekend and all, we've run out.”

wild atlantic way - bmw

Drive the Wild Atlantic Way in Style with a BMW

Now that's how to drive one of the most epic road routes in the world. We're doing it in style. We're catching people's eyes too, we've had more than one comment on our ride. We even had a lady stop us as she was crossing the street to say “If I was ever to be run over by a car, I would want it to be that one” I love it! The Irish have an amazing sense of humour.

The Wild Atlantic Way

Starting in Dublin we took a tour of the city and even ate at The Clarence restaurant owned by none other than Bono and the Edge of U2. Sadly we didn't spot them that evening. But we did have a wonderful time with Tourism Ireland as we enjoyed our first pint of Guinness, and an amazing tasting menu of nearly everything in the house!


It's True what they say, Guinness is Better in Ireland

We said our goodbyes to Dublin and went on our merry way down South to begin the Wild Atlantic Way. We've been having a grand old time ever since.

We have another 8 days to go so make sure to follow along on Twitter and Instagram at #WildAtlanticWay and #PlanetDIreland as we document our journey. We're posting regularly on Facebook and Google+ as well.

We're touring Skellig Michael, Connemare and more!

But to give you a taste of what we've been up to, check out a few of our tweets from the previous week.

Ha'Penny Bridge

Our trip started in Dublin at the Ha'Penny Bridge

Cherry Blossoms in DublinMizen Head Wild Atlantic Way

horse back riding Ireland

Wild Atlantic Way, Drive to Dingle

Happy Easter!

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