Three on the Move Tours in Spain

The Pyrenees mountain region of Spain is a place filled with trips and tours to please any adventure traveler. Between hiking, cycling, snowboarding and mountain climbing, people could spend weeks exploring this northern region of the country. While we had the opportunity to take advantage of the usual tours in Spain, we also had the opportunity to try out some very unique trips offered throughout the region. If you find yourself in the Catalan region of Spain, make sure to give these trips a try, they're not only fun, but they take you through some of the most beautiful scenery in all of Europe.

Tours in Spain


ebike and truck in pyrenees

It was our first time on an electric bike and we didn't quite know what to expect. We love cycling and were worried that we may find ebiking to be a little too much of an armchair tour. But were we proven wrong. Ebiking is the best way to cycle through any country. If you want to have a pleasant day exploring the scenery without killing yourself in the process, hop on an ebike and start peddling.  The great thing about an ebike, is that it gives you a good workout but leaves you with enough energy to enjoy the sights as you stop to explore each village or monument.

travel blogger ebiking in spain

Dave making an easy climb on the Ebike

Our tour took us from our picturesque farmhouse inn of Mas Garganta to the Catalan town of Hostalets d'en Bas. Cycling through quiet country roads of Spain gave us the opportunity to slow down, take in the views and enjoy the fresh air. Spain is filled contrasting scenery and nowhere highlights that more than the Pyrenees region of the country. With views of snowcapped mountains to rolling green farmlands, you'll witness a beautiful scene from beginning to end. Other than the odd cyclist, we barely saw a vehicle on our tour which ended in the town of Hostalets d'en Bas where we enjoyed wine and cheese from the region.

ebikes in spanish countryside

cycling the Spanish Countryside in Style

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Suggested hotel to stay in the region – Mas Garantas is a beautiful country home with magnificent views and cozy atmosphere.

Off Road Segway Tour

The first Segway tour we ever took was on a city tour through Prague and we loved every minute of it. Once you get the hang of a Segway, they're a fun way to travel. We didn't know that you could take Segways off road before we tried the heavy duty ones at Altitude Extreme near the town of La Molina.

travel couple dave and deb on segways

Dave and Deb at the Start of the Segway Tour

I was sure we'd be a whiz at this tour since we had hopped over curbs and driven down cobblestones in Prague, but that didn't prepare us for the wild adventure we were about to have in the Pyrenees. We immediately sped through the dusty parking lot to off road trails that seemed more suited for mountain biking than segways.

travel writer Deb on Segway in Spain

Deb takes on an off Road Segway tour

Ducking under a chain link fence, we proceeded down a potholed steep hill to begin our trek through the forest. We all tried to keep up with one another and there was more than a few spills and thrills during the tour. Dodging tree roots and logs, branches and deep tracks, it was the most fun we've had on two wheels in a very long time. If you like a bit of adrenaline during your segway tour, this is the trip to take.

travel photos, segway tour through forest of spain

Off Roading on a Segway

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Horseback Ride Vall de Nuria

adventure travel, ride a horse at Vall de Nuria Lodge in Spain

Horse at the Stables of Vall de Nuria in the Pyrenees

Riding on horseback through the Pyrenees is as romantic as it gets. Starting from the Hotel Vall de Nuria, you mount your steed at the stables and begin a steep ride up the mountain to take in magnificent views of the valley below. A popular pilgrimage route to the  Sanctuary of the Virgin of Núria you'll not only have the chance to visit the church that the hotel is built around, but also pass many stone ruins located along the slopes of the hills bearing crosses, alters, and monuments.

travel photos of pilgrimage site in Spain

Cross along Pilgrimage at Vall de Nuria

Vall de Nuria is a ski resort in the winter and you'll be riding your horses up the ski slopes to the top of the lift where the horses can take a break and have a drink from the water trough. On the way back down we even managed to spy a family of deer grazing on the side of the mountain. Hotel Vall de Nuria is a relaxing place to spend a few days. Between hiking, archery, horseback riding and enjoying the sanctuary of the spiritual oasis in the centre of the Pyrenees.

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