Top Secret in Hikkaduwa: A Review

There is a fantastic guesthouse in Hikkaduwa that we probably shouldn't be telling you about because it is Top Secret.

OK, to be fair the name of the place is Top Secret and I think that they wouldn't mind if we let the cat out of the bag since they are located right on Galle Road with a big sign promoting the spot.

Are you looking for a great guest house in Hikkaduwa?  Top Secret is what you are looking for.

There are very few places that Dave and I spend a long time at.  We are wanderers and even when we travel, we like to keep on the move.  We get itchy feet and need to keep seeing new things.

This was not the case when we came back to Hikkaduwa after traveling around Sri Lanka to see the sights.  We knew that we needed a little time to mellow out before heading back to India and Top Secret Guest House was the perfect place for us to be.

Our Guesthouse

Our Guesthouse

Top Secret in Hikkaduwa: A Review

Located in Hikkaduwa, Top Secret is close enough to all the action, but far enough away that you can relax,

Top Secret is probably the best budget accommodation that we have ever stayed at.

We loved it so much, that we decided to write about it.

Top Secrets Beach

Top Secrets Beach

Located on the beach, this is more than a guest house.  The prices are guesthouse prices, but Top Secret is like a mini resort.  It is set up tastefully with the all the comforts and amenities that a beach lover needs.  

Plenty of lounge chairs and beach beds with covered cabanas make it easy to spend the day on the beach.  Hammocks hang lazily in the shade along with padded mats and massage tables.

Perfect budget accommodation 

Dave relaxes in a comfy hammok

Dave relaxes in a comfy hammock

The dining area offers two options, eat under the thatched roof at a table, or choose a maharajah bed complete with h pillows and coffee table.

There is a bar, and tuck shop to buy everything from jewelery to bathing suits.  Prices rival bartering on the street and you can browse in a relaxed setting.

The staff is smart and friendly. They wear their Top Secret T-shirts and look the best of any place on the beach.

We loved our rooms

We were sold on our room. A large bed covered in mosquito net built on an attractive frame, a desk to work at and chairs to relax outside on the terrace.  The bathroom is impeccably clean and when they clean your room, they create a little pattern with your fresh sheets decorating the bed.

Our Room

Our Room

Service and cleanliness of a top end resort at bargain basement prices.

You can see that they manager, Nayana Maria Bach and her husband Saman Priyantha know what people want. They run a well organized business.  Each day it seems that the entire beach comes to hang out at Top Secret. 

The place only has a dozen or so rooms, but the 20 cabana beds are always full, the tables are packed and the hammocks are reserved with towels and books early in the day.

At night people stop by for dinner and drinks with laptops and iphones in hand to take advantage of the free wifi and relaxed atmosphere.

Free Wifi for everyone

Free Wifi for everyone

We are sad to leave this place, but lucky to have discovered it before the whole world decides to come here.

It won't be long until prices rise and rooms book out.

We paid 1800 Rs per night ($16 U.S. ) with a delicious breakfast included consisting of 2 eggs, 4 pieces of toast, a pot of tea or coffee and a giant mixed fruit juice. With meals like this, we never needed lunch!  Breakfasts around the area go for $4 each, so we decided that we were getting our room for $10 a night. Worth every penny.

Is there anything not to like about Top Secret?

  • Well, there are a couple of things that they could improve on.
  • The ceiling fans in the room offer little reprieve from the heat. We started to think that they possible have it turning the wrong way and was sucking the air up rather than blowing it down.  This needs to be dealt with because everyone complains about the heat.
  • Also in the chill out maharaja bed area, they should have ceiling fans put in, it can be very hot sitting there as the breeze does not make it in from the beach.
  • The showers are cold water only, but the weather is so hot, that a cold shower feels great. Besides, the water is well heated by the sun, so it comes out quite warm as it is. Sometimes we have been disappointed hoping for a cold shower, but getting a very hot one. (I am not exaggerating when I say hot, I mean hot!)

To find out more and to make reservations, you can visit their website at Sri Lanka Holiday Info

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