Best Travel Blog! Honored to win SATW Two Years in a Row

Last month the Lowell Thomas Awards were held in Vegas at the Society of American Travel Writers convention. While on assignment in Wales, we heard the news that we had won the Gold Medal for Best Travel Blog for a second year in a row!

Best Travel Blog: Gold Again for Marketingkonferenz

Check out the awards video! It feels like the Oscars when we watch it, and to see our names announced is beyond exciting! The Best Travel Blog Award is the first up so you don't have to wait long, our category is announced at just 42 seconds in. We get a nice little cameo appearance as an interview that we shot with Garine Tcholakian for Travel and Escape is featured in the video!

The Lowell Thomas Awards are considered the most prestigious in travel journalism, and for us to be recognized as the best travel blog for 2014 and 2015 is an enormous honour. There are so many incredible travel blogs on the Internet today, and standing out amongst the crowd is becoming more difficult each year. We've worked hard to continue to evolve and stay relevant in a highly competitive market. Our love for travel and having the privilege of doing something we love together has kept us inspired to keep learning, developing our skills, and embracing an ever changing landscape.

It was a thrill for us to read the judges comments when the winners were announced:

A word from the judges: 

“Even the world's most remote destinations feel well within reach when reading “The PlanetD.” Readers can sense the passion of this blog's owners in every one of their carefully crafted posts. They combine a light-hearted, conversations writing style with stunning photography to create one of the most authoritative travel blogs on eh market today. “

Marketingkonferenz Travel Blog

It has been a wild ride running our travel blog these past 7 years and we want to thank all our readers and followers for their support and encouragement. It has been the personal emails, private messages, and comments and tweets that have motivated us to continue to prove that ordinary people can live extraordinary lives.

Ordinary People Can Live Extraordinary Lives

If you asked us 10 years ago what we'd be doing now, we would tell you we'd still be working in the film business dreaming of retirement so that we would have the freedom to one day travel the world. It has always been our mission to inspire people to live the life they want. It took us a long time to find our calling, but we never stopped searching and we hope that you too are either living the life you want or will continue to follow your dreams.

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Thank you to the SATW for this huge honour and thank you to Mitch Canter for helping us with our new web design this year. Last year's website was good enough for 2014, but the Internet changes quickly, and without this new design, I don't think we would have won two years in a row. We feel that our new website captures our personalities better than ever, it's easier to navigate and showcases our work. We love it and we love travel blogging.

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A big thank you to everyone that has supported us and most importantly a huge thanks to my mom and dad, Jim and Marlene Corbeil. We couldn't have achieved so much without your support and encouragement. 

Here's to another 7 years of Marketingkonferenz. Who knows where the future will take us, but we can say one thing for sure, we are going to definitely enjoy the ride!

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