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Isle of Man Adventures

Off the west coast of England, nestled halfway between the shores of Cumbria and Northern Ireland, the cliffs, beaches and seaside towns of the Isle of Man erupt from the Irish sea. As the British Lake District creaks under the weight of a booming tourist industry, off-the-beaten-track adventure-seekers will want to find the best things […]

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travel snacks healthy tart cherries

This post is brought to you by Montmorency Tart Cherries. They can be bought at supermarkets or online. All opinions and healthy travel snack suggestions and recipes are our own. Many people think putting together healthy travel snacks is time-consuming and inconvenient, but with a little preparation, you can have ready-made snacks at your fingertips […]

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overlanding budapest bamako rally featured image

If you’re into overlanding, you have several different options to choose from in terms of how you can organize your trip. You can be spontaneous, pack a few bags and cases and head for the wilderness for a weekend. Or you can spend a few exciting months organizing a transcontinental overland adventure and be an […]

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photo safari tips africa

Are you looking to capture the best images on your next photo safari in Africa? After photographing many different safaris in Africa as well as Polar Bears in the Arctic, Photographing Moose in Canada and Leopards in Sri Lanka we wanted to put together a two-part series that will help you capture the best images possible […]

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Margarita Steinhardt of The Wildlife Diaries takes us to the Tibetan Plateau in search of the elusive Chinese Mountain Cat and other fascinating wildlife.  In Search of Wildlife and the Chinese Mountain Cat on the Tibetan Plateau You will not find Ruoergai grassland on Google Maps. Nor will Ruoergai town – the capital of the […]

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