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Paris Itinerary in 3 Days

Many people don’t spend a lot of time in Paris. Accommodation can be expensive, eating out is expensive and people only have a set amount of time before they would like to move on to see the rest of France. While it would take years to really experience everything that Paris has to offer, you can see many of its sites in three days. It will be a busy three days and you will need a vacation after running around the streets of Paris, but it can be done.

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Ottawa Attractions Winter

What are the top winter activities in Ottawa? After four different winter trips to Ottawa, we’ve rounded up the best Ottawa winter attractions that you cannot miss.  Many people think of going south in the winter, but Canadians have learned to embrace the cold. And no place does it better than our nation’s capital. Ottawa Attractions […]

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Tiananmen Square Flower Pot

Tiananmen Square in Beijing is the World’s largest public square. It can hold 1 million people. About Tiananmen Square  In the past, it was only known to the West as a place where the Tiananmen Square massacre took place in 1989.  It was here that an unknown amount of protestors were killed during an uprising. There […]

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Things to do in Winnipeg

Looking for things to do in Winnipeg, Manitoba? These are the must-see attractions.  Winnipeg will surprise you. If you ask most people about the city, they usually say something like, “You mean Winterpeg?” Canadians have often written the city off as a place to fly over on their way to somewhere more exciting. But after […]

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