Complete Guide to Travel Blogs 2017

Here is a list of travel blogs that we follow regularly. These travellers are inspiring offer great advice and information and have excellent content.

There are a many sites that have put together lists of the top travel blogs recently but just because somebody has high numbers, a high Alexa ranking, or any other metric, doesn't mean they are the best at giving travel advice and inspiration. People are looking for inspiration, not just those that are great at SEO and marketing.  This list that has been going since 2009 and we have recently updated with the new blogs that have come along and kept those that have endured since.

The Complete Guide to Travel Blogs

travel blogs

Complete Travel Blogs List

These travel blogs have not only been around for a long time, they have authority, expertise and experience. Many travel blogs have burst on to the scene by learning how to game the system or how to work SEO, but they quickly disappear. Many people go into the business of blogging for an easy job or quick way to make money, but they have never really learned how to travel. Travel blogging should be about travel first.  The travel bloggers on this list are travellers that have been doing their jobs for years They have been exploring the world for a very long time and have thousands of articles filled with expertise.

Cream of the Crop:

  • – Traveling and blogging around the world since 2007 and is one of the biggest sites on the internet
  • – Follow Matt's adventures as he does everything from hitchhiking across the US to trekking through Afghanistan
  • – A Former Layer eating her way around the world since 2008!
  • – a vagabond and travel hacks expert who has been on the road regularly since 2005

*If you feel that you should be on this list, please us. 

Travel Blogs we Follow

  • – One ordinary girl in search of life's extraordinary stories and adventures.
  • – Shannon started an around the world trip in 2008 and hasn't stopped
  • -A travel marathon culminated into a series of theme-based travel guides to cultural sites throughout the world.
  • – “An Indian boy and a Portuguese girl traveling the world. Piggy-back ride with A&Z!
  • – An ex law school graduate and musician exploring the world seeing everything that he can possibly see.
  • – A site about artistic trip planning, culture shocking and good drinking travel while helping others
  •  – The girl who loved Asia so much she's back again. Working abroad and finding time to fill up her passport.
  • – A Guide for the value minded traveler
  • – Sharing the beauty of India's rich culture and ancient wisdom with the world
  • – Alison is a Canadian lifestyle and garden photographer based in Brussels, an excellent resource for expats in Belgium.
  • – Lisa, a travel addict whose favorite way to get into the moment is…to travel off the beaten path.
  • – Brendon is a China Travel Addict. You want to know something about China? He can tell you.
  •  – making it a point to visit one new place, event, or festival every week, telling you about what’s going on in the land of the morning calm.

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  • – Running since 1996, this travel blog site is huge! Its a great travel content and research provider.
  • — Dedicated to overland travel and alternative ways of travel in a bid to help preserve the environment and our world for future generations.
  • – Delivers precise travel information to you, straight to the point and a good summary on a certain subject.
  • – Hiking and adventures for beginners
  • Travel information about Austrailia and Germany
  •  – compilation of my travel experiences around the Philippines and as well as other countries since 2009.
  • – Excellent recourse for budget, green, safety, culture and technology while traveling.
  •  – a fun chronical of unfortunate coincidences, bizarre experiences and shady characters. Can't wait for her RTW trip.
  • – Amar's personal blog for backpackers everywhere
  • – a resource for independently minded travelers combining all of their favorite things.
  • – a magazine style website of a gourmande from rustic regional food to haute cuisine of Michelin star chefs
  • – Travel guides from Leigh offering itineraries from over 3 decades of travel to 50+ countries

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  • – Everything you need to know about travel and backpacking in Canada
  • – Abi writes about Art, Science and Unusual Journeys
  • – The Premier travel resource for women. Period
  • Just One Way Ticket –
  •  – Adventurous family travellers and this is what we blog about although our secondary niche is veganism and ecotourism wherever possible.
  • – Meet Emma & Yannick, a young couple in their early 20's helping you travel around the world in luxury for less!
  • – Making Every Day an Adventure!
  • – Migration Mark lives a sponatneous lifestyle of unplanned migrations throughout the earth
  • – Meet Jeannie a single lady on the cusp of forty, ready to leave everything she’s known. This site grew from a desire to motivate herself, as well as others
  • – Ordinary people can lead extraordinary lives. Travel is more than just a vacation It's about learning new languages, exploring new cultures, and opening our minds to all that is out there
  • -Sherry quit her corporate job 2 years ago to travel to 23 countries and has relocated to Vietnam to write and photograph.
  • – A blog about sharing, learning and keeping up the dream of traveling the world.
  • – Come with Cathy and Frank as they explore the world, from mountain hikes in the wilderness to street art adventures in cities.
  • – After traveling extensively with her family for two decades, Janice is now traveling solo and sharing how traveling solo offers a unique opportunity to discover the world as well as oneself.
  •  –

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  • – Travelling the world on the cheap with Will Hatton.
  •  Travel blog of an Indian girl, seeking offbeat travel experiences.
  • – The travel magazine for women who know getting out of town is a beautiful thing.
  • – Helping people create their dream vacation to Central America
  • – Follow Gareth as he finds out exactly what it takes to become part of a foreign community.
  • – The explorations of Laura and Lance, 2 busy professionals who work to support their travel habit
  • –  Mike aims to write the highest quality content complimented with nice photography, to help travellers around the world.
  • – recounting the triumphs, trials, and tribulations of life on the road and in the new.
  •  – A community of travel writers, bloggers, and journalists exchanging tools, tips, and resources. It provides a forum to help the travel writing community expand their online reach and find new opportunities.
  • – “Canadian newlywed couple Exploring the World”
  • – is a blog inspired by green travel news, trends and information.
  • – a travel blog written by lone traveller Scott Evans sharing his travelling experiences with all those wanting to read
  • – Meet Giulia, whose on a “slow, slow RTW trip” – I spend a few months in a place, working to pay for my living, then move on to the next place.
  • – Canadian Cailin O'Neill travels the world filming her series about traveling by yourself
  • – Tips, information, news and advice for travelers, by travelers
  • – An online magazine and travel itinerary planning service.

How to Be a Professional Travel Blogger in 11 Easy Steps

  •  – This single parent family from London tells the tale of their round the world trip.
  • – adventurers and full time travelers Dan and Audrey have been traveling since 2006 humanizing the places they visit, drawing their readers in through photographs and stories.
  • – Showing everyone how living and moving overseas can be on your own terms.
  • – A Lass that wanders the world on a quest to live an extraordinary life.
  • – Keiths travels are his Velevet Escape which acts as a platform for his travel ideas, tips and photos.
  •  – After 10 years of desire, a swift kick in the ass and more  planning than he's ever done, Rory's traveling the world.
  • – Join Nellie in her rollercoast ride around the world, as she explores every nook and cranny of the Earth… just for the fun of it!
  • – Follow Matt's adventures as he does everything from hitchhiking across the US to trekking through

If you would like to be added to our travel blogs list, please send us an email at theplanetd (at) gmail (dot) com or visit our us page for consideration.


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