Travel is Glamorous…In Retrospect

the glamour of travel

Oh Yeah, this is glamorous

I had read a great quote somewhere recently by Paul Theroux.  It goes something along the lines of

“Travel is Glamorous only in Retrospect”

When I saw Dave doing our laundry in a little bucket beside the toilet in our coco hut bungalow, this quote came perfectly to mind.

When we come back from our travels through Asia, we will forget about the basic beds in not so clean rooms, showering over toilets, squatting in squalor and trying to sleep through night of howling dogs and cawing crows.

We instead will remember the beautiful beaches, spectacular sunsets and glorious mornings.  We will think about the times we walked in the surf and bathed in the sun.  We will think of lovely dinners at twilight and our cocktails at happy hour watching the sun go down for e evening.

Travel is difficult.  It is stressful, exhausting, nerve racking and trying on our patience.

And yet, we love it, we live for it. It makes us feel alive and as Paul Theroux stated…

Travel is Glamorous only in Retrospect”

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