Tsunami Five Years Later: A Photo Story

It has been over 5 years since the Tsunami devastated the coast of Sri Lanka.  Over 50,000 people were killed and thousands more injured and displaced.

While new disasters and tragedies have occurred in the world and people have moved on to other issues.  The Tsunami of December 26, 2004 is still fresh in the people of Sri Lanka's minds. It is impossible to find anyone that was not directly affected by the events of that day.

The wounds are slowly disappearing as businesses are being rebuilt, roads are cleared and the landscape has recovered, but the scars still remain and there are still signs of the destruction that the mighty ocean left behind.

Dave has captured the southern coast of Sri Lanka today in photos. Its i a reminder of the great suffering that the people faced after the event but also the resilience of the human spirit and how a nation has slowly recovered over time.


The Coast is still recovering.

As we ride our bikes along the coast the evidence is still obvious of the destruction that the Tsunami brought to the residents of SriLanka. It may have been 5 years ago but the reminders still remain, not only in the hearts and minds of the people, but also in the water damaged buildings.

boat inland from tsunami in Sri Lanka

Boats still sit on the front lawns of houses.

Inland the reminents of boats still dot the front yards of many houses.

Tsunami Photo Museum in Hikkaduwa, sri lanka

Tsunami Photo Museum

The Tsunami Photo Museum just outside of Hikkaduwa serves as a reminder of the devastation that happened here during the Tsunami of 2004.

photo at tsunami museum in Sri Lanka

A visual reminder of that fateful day

Inside you will find photo's that chronicle the events of that day. They give you a sense of what people were going through as well as the actual damage that was done.

The Tsunami through a childs eyes

The Tsunami through a childs eyes

On two walls hang the artwork and drawings done by children. These images will be burned into the memories of  young and old alike.

missing People are still unaccounted for from Tsunami

People are still unaccounted for.

To this day people are still missing. Maybe we will never know the true death toll in Sri Lanka from the Tsunami.

A monument to those who died on train in Tsunami.

A monument to those who died in the train.

On that day many sought out safety in the train cars. They turned out not to be safe at all. At these very tracks 1200-1500 people died as the waves swept into the train. Unable to escape they perished in the very place they thought was safe.

Roadside Tsunami Monument in South Sri Lanka

Roadside Tsunami Monument

On the roadside there is a monument erected to remember the over 50,000 people who died on December 26, 2004.

The rebuilding after tsunami.

The rebuilding is slow.

The people and businesses of Sri Lanka are slowly rebuilding their lives. Construction is moving along at a painstakingly slow pace as hotels and the small businessman try to recover their losses and bring tourism back to Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka, life goes on after tsunami

A sign of hope.

As we walk along the coast you can signs of hope. Sri Lankans are once again enjoying the sea and everything it has to offer. But they do so cautiously. As anyone will tell you, they will never forget the day the sea got angry and took so many loved ones from them.

Neither should we.


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