We Got it! The Big TV Deal is Signed

Dave and I are excited to announce that we will be joining Dancing with the Stars Season 19. It's a dream come true for us to join one of our favourite shows and to split up Marketingkonferenz team for a bit and compete against one another!

As many of you may know, we are huge fans of the show. Whenever we're home, we tune in with our laptops open to tweet about our thoughts and weigh in on the judges and audiences' decisions. Well, all that social media paid off because someone took notice and ed us.


Like so many  things that have happened in the past 6 years of our travel blogging careers, it all started with social media. The DWTS team told us that they wanted to expand their audience and attract more of an online crowd. They had been scouring the Internet looking for social media influencers and our Dancing with the Stars tweets during seasons 16 and 17 caught their eye. After seeing our background in adventure and travel, they knew that we'd be able to handle the vigorous schedule and would be open to having a rip roaring good time!

Marketingkonferenz and our TV Dreams

We started Marketingkonferenz in 2008 with hopes of being signed to a TV deal. While that dream didn't pan out, we've had an incredible ride running our travel blog and sharing our adventures with all of you. When asked if we still wanted our own TV show, we've always replied, that while we wouldn't say no if approached, but we are very happy with where we are now. We love being able to travel and work together and set our own hours. We weren't sure if we wanted to add the pressures of having a TV crew join our travels and dictate where we needed to go and when we needed to see it.

Marketingkonferenz on TV

Dancing with the Stars fulfills the best of both worlds. We're only committed to 12 weeks maximum on the show and once finished we'll be able to go back to our travels. It's going to allow us to reach an entirely new audience and enter the next level of our careers.

Fears and Pressures

Deb: I come from a background of singing and acting. In the early years of our relationship, I sang and danced on cruise ships and performed at the Canadian amusement park Canada's Wonderland. I feel added stress by having that background. I haven't danced in 20 years, but I feel that people will expect more of me because of it.

Dave is excited because he has always enjoyed tearing up a rug and is sure that he's going to get the Jack Osborne or Bill Engvall type votes. He may not be starting off as the best dancer, but audiences will love his fun personality, willingness to work hard. He's always loved working at dancing to be able to go out on the town with me. We even took Swing Dancing lessons when the whole Brian Setzer Orchestra days were popular.

I have a feeling Dave is going to kick my ass. He has charm and fun and whit and my competitive nature is going to be the death of me.

Better than the Amazing Race.  

Everyone has always told us that we should go on the Amazing Race. The last time we were in at CTV they even strongly suggested that we send in a tape, we'd be perfect! (they said) However, we have never had a desire to go on it. And the reason is ego. One of our biggest concerns about ever going on something like the Amazing Race is being eliminated in the first episode. Wouldn't that suck to anticipate and exciting adventure and to have it end before it even started? With Dancing with the Stars, at least we are guaranteed at least three weeks of dancing! The first weeks is dancing, the second is elimination and if one of us gets voted off, we still have a second chance with the other!

Who do you think will do better? 


April Fools!

If you believed this, you have a lot of faith in our dancing skills! We're not going on Dancing with the Stars, that would be insane! Could you see Dave in Sequins? Hope you have an amazing April 1st, our favourite blogging holiday. 

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